Vice President of Sales Resume

A Vice President of Sales is a marketing professional who is responsible for an organization’s most vital assets, such as customers and the revenue a company generates. He/she should have ability to build the sales model, recruit the teams, and personally convince customers to purchase the products or services.

He/she plays a major role in determining the success of a sales organization. Therefore, a new vice president of sales is often hired by a senior leadership team having individuals with diverse backgrounds such as finance, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.

Job Description for Vice President of Sales Resume:

Job description for Vice President of Sales Resume may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Directs and coordinates company sales and marketing functions. Develops and coordinates sales selling cycle and methodology. Researches and develops strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities, direct marketing, and new project development. Develops and manages sales and marketing budgets, and oversee the development and management of internal operating budgets; Establishes and implements short and long range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures; Participates in the development of new project proposals; supervises the planning and development of company marketing and communications materials; Promotes positive relations with partners, vendors, and distributors. Supervises the preparation, issuance, and delivery of sales materials, exhibits, and promotion programs; Represents the company at various community and business meetings to promote the company. Recommends and administers policies and procedures to enhance operations.

Tips for Writing Vice President of Sales Resume:

Following are some of the important tips for writing Vice President of Sales resume:

  • Divide the Vice President of Sales resume into separate sections and subsections along with short paragraphs and bulleted points so that it can be easily readable.
  • Include all necessary details, including full name, contact information, telephone numbers, permanent address, email address, and job objective.
  • Write your major professional highlights as Vice President of Sales after the Job Objective section as this gives an idea about quantifiable results of your work.
  • Include Professional Experience section above the Academic Qualifications section as experience is very important for the Vice President of Sales job.
  • If possible, try to describe your professional experience and related basic job responsibilities in bullets.
  • Write all of your key skills that are relevant to the sales and marketing in Skills section.


Following things should be included in Vice President of Sales resume:

  • Write a job objective in your resume that strikes a chord with the employer.
  • Summarize your strengths and major qualifications in the top half of the first page in the Professional Achievements or Highlights section.
  • Always highlight your achievements when writing a Professional Experience section.
  • It is better to give a bulleted list of your major accomplishments under each employer. Always show quantifiable results of your work in this section.
  • Add your major academic qualifications in your resume that are particularly related to sales and marketing.
  • Add a list of your major sales and marketing related skills in your resume that can provide benefit to the employer.
  • If any, do include the professional affiliations, courses and seminars that you have related to your profession.


Following things need to be avoided in Vice President of Sales resume:

  • Don’t add too many responsibilities and achievements in your resume as they will only de-emphasize the main points.
  • Don’t include a long list of skills because it will be viewed with skepticism.
  • Don’t misrepresent information in any case.
  • Don’t include extraneous personal information like your hobbies, health, social security number, age, height, weight, religion, citizenship, race, marital status, or names of wife and kids.
  • Don’t add photos in your resume.
  • Don’t include research papers, dissertations, or lists of publications.
  • Don’t make your Vice President of Sales resume too lengthy, as the proper length of the resume can be from one to three pages.

Action Words:

Actions words are used to write the resume in a professional manner. They can be used in the Professional Accomplishments and Professional Experience sections. Some of the most commonly used action words in the Vice President of Sales resume are as follows:

Administered, Analyzed, Attended, Conducted, Contributed, Coordinated, Defined, Determined, Developed, Directed, Enhanced, Experienced, Identified, Maintained, Oversaw, Pinpointed, Provided, Recognized, Trained, Worked.

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Vice President of Sales Resume

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Interview Tips:

One of the most important parts of a recruitment process is interview, which significantly affects the selection or rejection of a job candidate. Therefore, once the candidate receives the interview call, he/she should be well-prepared for the interview.

Following are some important interview tips that need to be followed when interviewing for the Vice President of Sales post.

  • It is always good to make a list of common interview questions related to sales and marketing and answers, or you can answer them by yourself.
  • Determine sales and marketing trends, which are currently happening in your industry and how to face or solve them.
  • Recognize attributes, traits or abilities for Vice President of Sales, which are related to this job and how to get them.
  • While interviewing, always maintain a professional behavior and do not discuss personal issues and problems.
  • Always close the interview by expressing thanks and appreciation for their time.

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