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Urban planning is a process of settlement and development of geographical location as cities and towns in the state. Urban planning is very wide field as the designs of city settlements and establishments are created from the smallest towns to largest cities. An urban planner is a person who is responsible to make the community’s land and infrastructure useful and effective for citizens. These professionals plan for the establishment of commercial, residential, agricultural and recreational locations for the community.

The job of urban planner is very challenging as they have to meet with the challenges of sustainability, air pollution, traffic congestion, crimes, land values and regional codes etc. These individuals are highly qualified and professional in performing their duties. The most part of their work is research based as they have to plan the geographical areal for some particular use or purpose. Urban planners are generally hired by the property owners, private planning firms and local/regional government to formulate the plans for geographical locations and land.

The person who possesses strong professional skills and expertise in this field can take the responsibility of ensuring the location planning activities. These professionals are considered very important in the development of towns and cities across the world. As the job of urban planner is tough and challenging but at the same time, people want to enter in this field having such capabilities and expertise to excel in this field. Applicants are directed to design their professional looking resume that possesses the comprehensive information of candidate’s particulars and professional capabilities. Here are some useful tips regarding resume writing that will surely prove valuable for candidates who have no idea to design their resume.

Let’s have a look on these tips:

  • Initiate the resume with providing personal information e.g. name, address, e-mail address and contact numbers
  • Make the resume impressive by giving a clear and prominent objective statement, use action but not challenging words in writing an objective statement
  • Start the next section titled with “Professional Skills”, Be careful in writing these skills as these skills will make the mind of employer to hire you or not
  • State the employment history with complete detail of activities and responsibilities performed in the previous position
  • Mention other job related skills in the form of list
  • Give the detail of academic qualification with complete information of institute, degree/course and year of passing etc
  • Provide information of award, achievement, promotion and training if any
  • In the last section of resume provide the employers with references
  • Make sure that resume is free from grammatical and spelling mistake and there is no any logical error in the resume
  • Before submitting the resume, proof read the resume twice
  • Be honest and straight forward in displaying the required information on the resume
  • Don’t ask about salary in the resume
  • Never include any picture in the resume
  • Don’t be extra personal while giving personal information as age, gender, interests and likings and disliking
  • Use action words and try to make the employer impressive from the resume

The resume writing tips mentioned above will surely valuable to the users that want to design their resume in a professional and impressive way. For further assistance, please check out following sample resume,

Urban Planner Resume

Here is download link for this Urban Planner Resume,

Download Urban Planner Resume in MS Word Format

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