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It’s a very common theory that people start their professional career once they have completed their studies or educational career but that’s not valid in these days as you can see a person doing a part time job in an office and studying at once. This trend is spreading very fast in almost all over the world that as soon as a student passes his high school, he rushes into the business world to see if he can do a part time job or “Internship”. Internship means you do the a job before you have actually gained the knowledge of it and once you complete your study, you are ready to be appointed for a high profile job without any further training. The internship program saves your time and provides you training during your study and brightens your chances to get a job more than a person who didn’t do any internship at all.

As an advertising agency hires interns for the company, they are supposed to perform a number of duties which may vary in different offices and also depend upon the size of the agency too. An intern’s duties are determined by the supervisor of the department or the project manager who is administrating the current ongoing project. As it’s very clear that an intern is an inexperienced person who needs to know everything about the job first before he is actually assigned an actual duty. That’s why these interns are not asked to do a high profile job and usually the agency asks them to assist a project manager or administrator. These new to career persons are usually trained for the first six months and once they have gained all the necessary knowledge of the position, they start doing something more than only assisting and watching. After the training period, superiors actually ask them to do different tasks for them such as having a meeting with a small or low profile client, conducting a research program on market and involvement in weekly or monthly meetings.

If you ask personally, it’s not a professional or long term position but just a point to start your career in some field or just a way to earn money for your further education or to support your usual expenses like clubbing or partying. As this is not a long term job that means this doesn’t pay a very good salary too. Salary of an advertising intern highly depends upon the working and size of the company but usually its round about $40000 per year which increases up to $50000 after six month or one year. Money is not that ideal but the good thing about it is that it provides you excellent future opportunities. As soon as you finish your studies, or get a professional degree, every ad agency welcomes you because of your experience as an intern.

Key elements t o include in an advertising internship resume:

  • Pay keen attention to spelling, grammar and style.
  • Proofread the resume carefully using a dictionary and stylebook or better ask some friend to do it for you.
  • Put all the information in different sections and in a logical manner.
  • While describing something, stay focus and on track. Don’t explain it with useless facts and figures and keep it short.
  • This is an internship resume and totally different from other types so rules are a little different here too. Here you add as much experiences as possible even if it’s not related to the job you are applying for, still add that.
  • As you won’t have much experiences or even no experience at all, write an objective instead of an overview or career summary. Be creative with the words and write your own objective paragraph instead of copy pasting.
  • There won’t be much to talk about your education as you are applying for an internship program that means you are still studying so it doesn’t matter what you have studied as long as you provide it clearly and in different bullet points.
  • People usually have some extra skills besides regular studies like good typing speed, operating a computer program or equipment. Obviously you have some of them so write that too.

Elements not to include in an advertising internship resume:

  • Don’t use unnecessary difficult and big words in the resume because they are hard to understand quickly and will make your resume look unprofessional.
  • There is no need to include stories about your personal life and useless information like hobbies or number of kids. No one will have time to read all that.
  • Avoid making lengthy paragraphs and stick to short sentences as long as possible. Long paragraphs make your resume dense and boring.

Sample Advertising Internship Resume:

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Advertising Internship Resume

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A digital advertising staff works with the creative department of the agency to supervise the progress of an ongoing project for a number of purposes i.e. to keep record of every milestone, to keep the management and clients up to date and to eliminate errors and faults in time. There are a number of job titles in the digital advertising staff such as:

  • Chief technical officer
  • Strategy director
  • Technical director
  • Head of project management
  • Executive producer
  • Project manager
  • Account director
  • Account executive
  • Planner

This is just a short list of the positions inside a digital advertisement and the actual directory is quite long. Although it seems like digital advertising has a lot of job titles but not a single one is unnecessary here. Each employee is very important in this department and there is no substitute of anyone.

The working of digital advertising start when the advertising manager also known as sales representative meets with the clients and convince them to have a meeting with the company. Once the client is agreed, he arranges a meeting of both the client and the company officials where the creative head gives a presentation verbal or on projector. If the client is agreed to give the project, the account manager starts his work and prepares documents for the deal. After that the advertising executive officer builds a team and starts the project. The project manager is assigned a work to oversee the performance of every employee and to eliminate the errors and faults. Once the project is completed, the account executive delivers it to the client(s).

As the digital advertising involves a number of employee both high profile and low profile, their income is different too. The superiors such as executives, managers and creative heads earn up to $120000 per year which increases as they gain more and more experience. Where the middle staff such as content producers, channel managers, traffic managers and web editors earn about $60000 to $70000 per year and their salaries also increase as they spend some time in the agency. At last here comes the assistants such as senior executive assistant, account manager assistant, assistant producer, assistant creative head and their salaries vary from $30000 to $40000 per year and as the get promoted to senior posts, they earn more money too.

Key elements to include in a digital advertisement resume:

  • Divide your resume into various sections and start the resume with information section on the top. In this section you write your name and contact information such as telephone number and email address. Always put this section on top so that it will be the first thing that the reader will notice.
  • Spend some time with the resume and write a new objective that matches the position you are applying for. It’s not a good thing to use the same objective for every application. Describe what you want to do at this job and what abilities you have that will help you on the duty.
  • Some people out there use a career summary or overview of their previous work history instead of an objective. You should do that too as this is more professional and unique idea.
  • In the experience section you talk about your previous jobs and employment history. Start with the most recent job and gradually discuss each of them. You need to put the job title, company name and duration of employment in this section.
  • After that you should discuss your educational history and same as the above, start with the most recent or the professional degree and then go back up to graduation. Here you should write the name of the institution, degree of course and passing year.
  • If you have extra skills like speaking multi languages, operating important computer programs or excellent communication skills, discuss that here because this will be the reason that make you different among other applicants.

Elements not to include in a digital advertising resume:

  • Don’t make your resume so long that it concludes more than two pages and you better not shorten it as you will skip the important stuff just to make it petite.
  • Don’t put any useless or irrelevant stuff in your resume such as your hobbies or height because no one will have time to read all of that.
  • Don’t use long paragraphs as they make your resume look difficult and boring. This way the reader will lose interest in your resume before even entirely reading it.
  • No matter how much skills you have, just discuss a few of them that are most related to the job you are applying for. Listing too many skills will make your resume look suspicious and that is not a good thing.
  • There is no need to provide the references in the first place unless you are asked to. Save that for later when you are called for an interview, and then discuss them with the interviewer.

Do not at any cost, discuss the expected salary figure in your resume because believe me this will make you look greedy and hard to satisfy.

Sample Digital Advertising Resume:

Here is preview of this free Sample Digital Advertising Resume created using MS Word,

Digital Advertising Resume

Here is download link for this Digital Advertising Resume,

Download Digital Advertising Resume