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Professional pilot requires ability to design a better resume in order to stand out in the pool of candidates. Pilots face strong competition for the job at major airlines that offer improved pay and benefits. Regulations and principles of the organization always require highlighting specific areas related to your skills and qualifications. With the help of these qualifications, you can easily attract potential employer to call you for the interview. Standard functional resume format is not acceptable in this industry because this resume only focuses on detailed work experience.

Job Description of Pilot

  • Pilot is responsible to check airplane prior to flights to guarantee that the engines, controls, tools and other systems are running properly.
  • Check luggage or cargo to verify correct load on the aircraft. Pilot has to prefer routes, heights and velocities that will provide safe and smooth flights.
  • He/she has to consider airport altitude, outside temperatures, plan weights and wind paces as well as commands in order to calculate the pace necessary to become airborne.
  • Pilot is liable to get in touch with control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival commands and other details using radio equipment.
  • It is only pilot who will harmonize voyage activities with ground crews and air-traffic control as well as notify squad members concerning flight and test procedures.
  • He has to categorize instrument flight plans with air traffic control for the perfect coordination of flights with air traffic.
  • Pilot is accountable to supervise engine functions, fuel expenditure and performance of aircraft systems during flights.

Tips to Write Pilot Resume

  • If you are writing general pilot resume then skip objective section because this section is best to design in the pilot resume for specific post within company. If you are capable to fill more than one positions such as pilot, copilot or instructor then do not limit yourself and skip objective section in the resume.
  • Write your all credentials in the resume to amplify the importance of pilot resume. You can include all certifications and college degrees of related subjects in the education section. If you are writing your resume in the reply of a job post then emphasize on all significant necessities of a particular position.
  • Create separate segment for the secondary qualifications like certifications in flying security or sermons and workshops attended. You can include breakdown of your flying hours. If you have knowledge in multi-engine planes, solo flying or co-piloting then it will be better to integrate them in this section.
  • You can create “special achievements” section to increase the value of your resume. You can include all significant accomplishments in this segment because this segment will help you to draw the concentration of possible employer toward your resume. If your achievements are minor then skip this section as it will highlight your weak areas.

Do’s (Must do while writing that resume)

  • You should include your strengths and physical potency in the resume to make your resume impressive and outstanding.
  • Pilot resume should highlight your education and certifications because these all are required for the evaluation of abilities of candidates.
  • You should include keywords but keep balance of keywords and do not exceed them as these will not help you in the screening process.

Don’ts (Things not to do while writing resume)

  • Do not mention your weaknesses in the resume because potential employers are interested to read your strengths and personality traits.
  • Do not include any irrelevant section in the pilot resume because this can unnecessarily increase the length of your resume.
  • Do not mention unrelated experience in the resume that can distract the attention of potential employer from original data.

Sample Pilot Resume

Here is preview of this Sample Pilot Resume created using MS Word,

Pilot Resume

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Download Pilot Resume

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