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Phlebotomy is a course of action in which the blood sample of a patient is tested under medical procedures to know about the health status of the patient. It is a common practice at the present time and initiated in the barbaric practice of bloodletting or hemorrhages a patient. It has very long history which has claimed many lives in 2000 years of its existence. If you have required education and skills then you can appear for this job but with a well designed phlebotomist resume. A well designed phlebotomist resume will help you to get the attention of potential employers.

Job Description of Phlebotomist Resume

  • Phlebotomist is liable to verify test requisitions by comparing information with nurture station log, brining incongruities to the concentration of unit personnel.
  • He/she has to verify diseased persons by reading identification information of patients. Phlebotomist obtains blood samples for the venipunctures and fingersticks.
  • He/she has to use aseptic technique to maintain sample veracity with the help of authentic procedures and observe segregation procedures.
  • Phlebotomist collects curative drug-monitoring assays by working in collaboration with nursing personnel to ensure suitable drug dose to collection time.
  • He/she has to scrutinize glucose levels by performing bedside glucose tests, recording results, reporting results to unit nurse manager.
  • They have to keep up protected, secure and vigorous work environment by following standards as well as procedures complying with legal regulations.

Tips to Write Phlebotomist Resume

  • Contact information will be the very first section of the phlebotomist resume. Do not expand this section unnecessarily and include your first and last name, address as well as telephone number at the top of the resume. You can also include your email address but it should be professional address with your name not a funny one.
  • Objective section of the resume is optional for the phlebotomist resume so you can skip it but if you can design a strong objective statement then do not forget to include it in the resume for the help of potential employer. You can write as “Interested to obtain a challenging position for the phlebotomy technician and use my knowledge as well as qualifications to service patients”.
  • Phlebotomist resume format will be based on the level of your education and work experience. If you have strong work experience as compare to formal training programs then you can highlight your work experience at the top of your resume. In case of little or no work experience, you can highlight education at the top.
  • Education section will contain name of your school, duration of study and details of diploma as well as certifications. If you have received lots of awards then you can include them in this section.
  • If you have successful phlebotomy certification then lists it in a separate section of your resume but do not include scores unless you have perfect or near-perfect scores.

Do’s (Must do while writing that resume)

  • You should include the name of your employer and other important details related to your previous employment for the authentication of experience section.
  • You should write the freelance works and internships in the phlebotomist resume to cover lack of experience in the professional field.
  • Your resume should contain important details but in error free fashion as logical as well as grammatical errors have no place in the professional phlebotomist resume.

Don’ts (Things not to do while writing resume)

  • Do not include weaknesses in the resume because these can ruin your whole impression in front of potential employer.
  • Do not write fake references because any bogus or fake information will disappoint potential employer and he/she will through your resume in the dustbin.
  • Do not send your resume without cover letter as it is better way to explain your additional qualifications and expertise.

Sample Phlebotomist Resume

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Phlebotomist Resume

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