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Fashion models are usually recognized by their looks and outgoing personalities. Models are usually considered as blank slates to recreate their looks with the help of hairstyling, makeup and clothing. Models walk on ramp with skills and precision according to the requirements of potential employer. If you have sound personality and attributes to become a model then you can join this profession but like any other profession a sound resume is necessary to design. Job description provided by potential employer proves really beneficial for this purpose because it is necessary to include important details according to the requirements of potential employer.

Job Description of Model

Models usually pose for cameras for still photographs and television cameras to display different stylish clothe, accessories or other products of the organization. Different kinds of models are typically working in the industry like artists models that work for individual painters or photographers. Some models also work for art schools according to available time. A model should be comfortable while working nude or while wearing very little clothing to reveal contours and fine lines of their bodies to the artists. These models should have ability to hold different posses for long durations. Photographic models and fashion models work to advertise clothes, accessories and makeup for the magazine cover or poster.

Tips to Write Model Resume

If you are matched with all physical requirements of potential employer then it is necessary to design a model resume to apply for this job:

  • Although, you are designing a resume for a colorful and interesting job but still you have to be careful about professionalism in your resume. Use professional format and language to write important contents of the resume.
  • You should possess expert communication skills and can remember directions in true sense. Professional employer require punctual and reliable model for their ongoing projects so you have to highlight these skills in a separate section of the resume.
  • You have to categorize everything like your acting and modeling experience to highlight them in proper way. You can categorize different works as film, television, theater, commercials, print media, runways etc.
  • In order to write acting experience, you have to write name of role, production and the production company. If you want to write details of print modeling the write name of client, photographer and publishers. Runway experiences should feature the details of client, location and date.
  • Try to use chronological order to highlight important details by keeping the most recent experience on the top. If you are very experienced and talented model then you can write most popular role on the top of this section.
  • Training section is really important so write it carefully to make your resume impressive. You have to write your acting workshops, drama classes, dance/singing lessons and modeling training. If your teachers are some notable personalities then write their names too in your resume.
  • Write those activities and interests that are necessary for your career such as if you know any other language, gymnastics, underwater basket weaving etc. This will help you to get more modeling projects.

Things to Avoid

You have to be very careful while designing your modeling resume and for your help some things to avoid are as under:

  • Do not share your bad experiences and industry fights in the resume because these can ruin your impression before potential employer.
  • Do not include your photo and portfolio in the resume without permission of potential employer.
  • Include only true details about your personality features like height, color, hair and eye color because any fakeness can kill your future.

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Model Resume

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