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I don’t think that there is any need to further describe who a junior tax accountant is. Junior tax accountant is an accountant but working on an entry level of this career. This employee is hired by a senior tax accountant for the assistant or a firm hires this employee and asks him to assist the senior accountant(s) in the firm. One, who wants to continue his career in the financial field, joins with this entry level job where his only job is to assist the seniors and observe the accounts related work to gain some experience and get familiar with the common financial tactics. After some experience, the firm or organization promotes the junior accountant to a post of staff accountant or general accountant. The duties of a junior tax accountant may vary according to the employment condition like if he is working in a private sector or in a government tax department.

The common duties of a junior tax accountant are:

  • Helping the senior tax accountant(s) by sorting the necessary documents and files inside the office.
  • Checking the documents to find any possible error in the statements.
  • The junior tax accountant is allowed to make small changes in the figures or statements if he finds there is something wrong but only if it’s a small one and doesn’t need an expert to take care.
  • In case there is a huge blunder in the figures or statements, informing the senior staff about that and ask for their assistant to correct it.
  • Entering data into computer or any other storage as a common data entry person.
  • In some conditions, sitting on the front desk to perform the duties of a receptionist.
  • Performing clerical duties such as receiving and sending mail, answering phone calls and updating the client’s files regularly.

A junior tax accountant has various types of duties which highly depend on the firm or office they work in. that’s why every firm or department pays a different salary figure to this employee. As this is an entry level position, people with families to support, don’t apply for this job as it doesn’t provide very good income. Generally a junior tax accountant earns up to $25000 per year which goes around $35000 in some specific cases i.e. if the worker has some additional duties too. Many firms hire these employees on hourly rates and there the junior tax accountant earns around $7 per hour and also enjoys the flexible hours.

Key elements to include in a junior tax accountant resume:

  • Divide your resume into several different parts which makes it look more professional.
  • At the top, start with providing your basic information like name, father’s name, phone number and mail address.
  • Always write a new and unique objective for your resume which shows that you have analyzed the job description very deeply and you have the skills which will help you at the job.
  • In the experience section, provide information about your previous employments. Start with the most recent job and put company name, job title and duration of the employment on each job.
  • After that, discuss your educational achievements i.e. degrees and certificates you have gained up until now. Provide institution name, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • Special skills like multi-tasking, excellent communication skills and leadership are worth mentioning here. This will provide you an extra edge among other applicants.

Elements not to include in a junior accountant resume:

  • Don’t send the resume without proofreading it or it will be better if you ask someone else to do it for you.
  • This is an entry level job so don’t exceed more than one page and if there is a lot to talk about, save the less important stuff for interview.
  • Don’t provide too personal information like your hobbies or marital status because no one will be interested in that.
  • Don’t provide anything about a job if it’s not relevant to the accounting no matter how important it is.
  • Although this career is all about money and finance but it’s not a good idea to discuss your expected salary in the resume. You will have your chance in the interview to share your expectation.

 Junior Tax Accountant Resume:

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Junior Tax Accountant Resume

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