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Dental assistant is responsible to assist dentists in dental operations to provide more efficient dental treatments. Finding a dental job is not a laborious process because with the help of a dental assistant resume you can find a suitable job for you. You have to do some research about your accomplishments before designing a resume to put yourself in an attractive package. You have to include your skills, accomplishments and qualifications in the resume to persuade potential employer. Dental assistant resume should be compelling enough otherwise you could not get the attention of potential employer. It is necessary to consider job description of dental assistant before writing a dental assistant resume to include important words in the resume.

Job description of Dental Assistant Resume

Job description of dental assistant may vary from place to place but some common job duties and responsibilities of dental assistant are as under:

  • Dental assistant is responsible to assist dentist in various treatment procedures.
  • He/she has to take and develop dental radiographs.
  • Dental assistant asks about the medical history of patients by taking his/her blood pressure and pulse.
  • He/she should work as infection control officer to develop infection control protocol and sterilize instruments.
  • Dental assistant helps patient to feel comfortable before, during and after treatment.
  • Dental assistant should provide oral care instructions to patients according to surgery or other dental treatments.
  • He/she has to teach appropriate hygienic strategies to patients for the maintenance of oral health like tooth brush, flossing and nutritional counseling.

Tips to Write Dental Assistant Resume

It is necessary to write a compelling dental assistant resume in order to increase your success chances and for your help I am sharing some tips to write dental assistant resume:

  • Before writing your resume, it is necessary to do some research to know about the requirements of potential employer. Collect information about employer to find out about position and skills required for this position. It is necessary to know the qualities of good dental assistant to include them in your resume.
  • Prepare a rough sketch to gather your personal details like work history, education and professional experience. You can divide your resume into different sections and subsections to highlight everything in the resume.
  • Write contact information and your personal details on the top of your resume in the bold and large font. It should be placed on the upper left corner of the paper because it will help employer to remember you.
  • Write job objectives after personal details with a bold and clear heading. You have to write the reason for which you are looking for the dental assistant job. Include some characteristics that you are looking in the dental assistant position.
  • Prepare a separate section to write the educational history. Write the name of dental program, name of school with commencement and ending date of the degree. If your degree is not finished yet then you can write name of university and time period that you spent in university.
  • Write details of extracurricular activities and any additional training programs to show your credibility. Write your professional experience in a separate section by writing name of your office, locations of previous jobs, duration of employment and important job duties related to your previous jobs.
  • Outline your specific responsibilities like office administration, instrument sterilization, surgery assistant, x-rays, inventory and patient care. You can write a special paragraph to outline your personal abilities according to the job.

Things to Avoid

It is necessary to be careful about following points in order to make your resume perfect according to the requirements of potential employer:

  • Do not mix up all details and try to divide it into different sections and subsections to highlight important sections of your resume.
  • Falsify information can make your impression bad so honestly design your resume with accurate information.
  • Avoid irrelevant personal details like your hobbies, details of family members, national tax number, account number etc.   

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Dental Assistant Resume

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