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Data entry clerks are responsible to enter data in the computers for the further processing and execution that is usually done by computers. No special qualification is required for this job because the only requirement is knowledge about computers. You should have good typing speed and knowledge to operate different computer applications. You have to design a resume to communicate your skills and attributes to potential employer. Data entry resume should be compelling enough because it is the only tool that will help you to standout in the pool of candidates.

Job Description of Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk is responsible to handle data of co-workers to sort and print it to make different statistical reports. He/she has to import these reports to different online data systems typically utilized in the business. Data entry clerks are responsible to handle different software issues that arise during the importing and distribution of data. According to a careful estimate, there are almost 525,000 workers working in the U.S only. This number is growing on continuous basis.

Tips to Write Data Entry Resume

Data entry jobs have higher demand in the market because this job requires no special qualifications and the following are some tips to design a compelling data entry resume:

  • If you are an entry level data entry clerk then you have to focus on the objective of your resume based on gaining work experience. You can write an objective statement as, “I am able to use skills and tools leaned during my Information Technology degree program.”
  • An experienced data entry clerk should include skills and expertise that he/she has learned during previous job and training. Potential employer wants to know about skills that a candidate has for data entry clerk job so do not forget to write them in your resume.
  • If you do not have any professional experience then you can write about your eagerness to learn new techniques and procedures. You can focus on the opportunities to learn new things and policies of the company for creation of data reports.
  • You have to show your creative side to potential employer by including concise details of new procedures, software and data entry techniques. You can share some compulsory suggestions to persuade potential employer.
  • Do not forget to conduct some research about the organization to write different duties and responsibilities according to the interest of potential employer. It is necessary to write some important skills in a separate skills section to facilitate screening process.
  • If you have any special diploma related to computer and any technical skills then you have to mention it in your resume. Try to relate your skills according to the needs of potential employer. This will prove beneficial for your potential career.
  • Usually, data entry workers are responsible to perform different general office works so you have to read job description carefully to relate your resume contents according to the requirements of potential employer.

Things to Avoid

Only, a well written data entry resume can help you to get an interview call so you have to avoid following thins in the resume:

  • Do not drag the information of resume too much because employer has no time to read it. Keep your resume as concise as possible.
  • Do not write your weaknesses and problems in the resume because it will not let you appear for job interview.
  • Be careful about the visual effects of your resume because it should be professional and neat for the eyes of reader.

Here is preview of this Data Entry Resume created using MS Word,

Data Entry Resume

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Download Data Entry Resume

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