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All types of business involve functioning of projects. Business people use to sign the contracts or get their contracts signed by others. Before getting tied in limitations of a contract both parties to a contract should focus on different points to avoid future grievances and complications. Usually managers make contracts but they need consultancy of some legal persons but now with advancement in infrastructure of organizations, new position as contract specialists has been introduced to deal with contract related issues.

Duties of a contract specialist may differ from managers and other officers. A person doing this job needs to have complete knowledge of business and legal rules and their implementation in making contracts. Main duties of a contract manager may include; prepare files of contracts, communicate and coordinate with other consultants, representatives, attorneys and related personnel, conducting bids, prepare list of main issues of proposals and request for proposals, providing guidelines to other people regarding implementation of law in the organization and many other duties as per organizational needs.

A person at this job must have enough knowledge about the law and complications of contracts and ways to avoid these complications. Success of any project totally depends on the formation of contracts. While signing a contract all important issues must be clear to the management and this is only possible when the contract specialist is skilled enough in this field. Employers seek for the candidates with much experience and up to date knowledge of project and contract management. To get job in the desired organization all the candidates need to submit their resumes with professional look.

Here are some important tips for all the candidates that will surely support them in adding more value to their professional resumes:

Write the resume in the following order:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Qualification Summary
  4. Employment History
  5. Skill
  6. Education
  7. Training or Awards if any
  8. References

Here are tips for creating this resume,

  • Start the resume with an introduction and include name, home address, e-mail address and contact numbers.
  • In the objective statement, use active words and avoid challenging words.
  • Be honest and to the point in providing information in summary of qualifications.
  • Keep the resume errors free and don’t over burden it with too lengthy paragraphs and irrelevant information.
  • In employment history, give the name of the employer, time duration of that job, and duties of each ob.
  • Use chronological history to list jobs.
  • Include all job related skills in skills section.
  • In the last give education related information and references.

Other than these tips candidates can also get assistance from the ready to use sample resumes provided here. These resumes are prepared by specialists according to the tips given above. Candidates can feel free to download and customize these resumes as per their requirements.

Here is preview of a sample Contract Specialist Resume created using Microsoft Word,

Contract Specialist Resume

Click here to download this Contract Specialist Resume

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