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An EMT is an emergency medical technician who is authorized to perform treatments on a patient in an emergency situation until the patient is transferred to a hospital. He is the one who is certified to save a human’s life when there is no doctor or medical staff around in some emergency situation. Although when the ambulance arrives, the EMT is done but in special cases he is also responsible to transfer the patient from the accident scene to the nearest medical facility via ambulance. It’s not very easy to become a certified EMT because when you are one, you have the authority to deal with people’s life in an emergency situation and that can be a problem if you are not good to handle intense situations.

Job responsibilities of a certified EMT:

  • The first and most important responsibility of an EMT is to examine the patient immediately and then come up with the treatment plan according to the situations. It’s essential that this assessment is done within moments and to start the treatment process within a minute or two.
  • It’s a duty of EMT to be calm and ask the people around him to assist him because when a person is in serious condition, it’s just a matter of time that a single minute can save or lose him forever.
  • An EMT has to stay relaxed mentally and look for the signs to gather all the information about the problem of the patient and to remember his training to come up with the most efficient treatment plan.
  • Preparing a sample document in also very important and basic responsibility of an EMT. Sample stands for signs and symptoms, allergies, medications, pertinent past medical history, last oral intake and events that led to his injury. This document is prepared by talking to the people on the scene, by looking for allergic reactions on the skin of patient and to examine the skin color.
  • Once the sample document is prepared, it’s not duty of the EMT to handover this document to the medical staff arrived at the scene or if he is going with the patient, giving the document to the on duty doctor in the hospital.

Salary of a certified EMT:

A certified EMT is not a permanent employee of a hospital or a government agency in most of the countries and these technicians work in other fields even not related to the medical at all. But when any of them is at the accident site, they perform their duties and then afterwards, get paid by the government or the nearest medical facility. If a country is paying them, an EMT earns about $40000 per year or $15 to $25 per treatment. The pay is not very good in this career so people don’t adopt it as a long term career and only those apply for this job that are still studying and looking for a part time job for a year or two.

Here are the guidelines to create a certified EMT resume:

  • Divide the resume into several different parts and keep the information of each section separate from others.
  • Start the resume with personal information section in which you are supposed to provide your personal information like name, religion and date of birth and contact information such as phone number and mail address.
  • Below the information section, it’s place to put an objective or a career summary if you like. Create an objective with your own words and it would be so much better if you just close your eyes and think what you would be doing if you get this job. Put all those goals and plans in the objective paragraph but keep it short though.
  • In the experience section, you provide all the job related work history of yours. Start with the most recent job and write job title, name of the company or hospital and duration of your employment there.
  • In the education section, start with the most recent of professional degree and go back up to graduation. Here you need to state name of the institution, degree of course and passing year. If you have attended extra classes during that time, discuss that too.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • There is no need to provide any personal information like your hobbies or favorite book because no one will care to read that.
  • Don’t add a picture in this type of resumes and keep it as professional as possible.
  • Don’t lie about anything in your resume as your previous employers will rat you out.
  • Don’t exceed of more than two pages and if there is a lot to add, save some of them to discuss at the interview.
  • There is no need to add references in the first place but, save them for later once you are called for an interview.

Sample Certified EMT resume:

Here is a free sample Certified EMT Resume created using MS Word,

Certified EMT Resume

Here is download link for this Certified EMT Resume,

Download Certified EMT Resume

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