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In simple words, a cardiac nurse takes care of heart patients. These nurses work with a senior cardiologist and assist him in the patient taking care processes. Heart patients suffering from diseases such as congestive heart failure, cardiac dysrhythmia and cardiomyopathy are treated by these nurses. A cardiac nurse can be a male or a female but generally we see male nurses in this field. The reason of that fact is because dealing with a heart patients is not a piece of cake and it could become overwhelming for female nurses who can’t control their emotions or can’t handle the pressure of seriousness in the operation theatre.

Job responsibilities of a cardiac nurse:

  • Working with the senior cardiologist, a cardiac nurse assists the doctor to develop and implement the care plan for the patient. Also she is the one who talks to the patient, tell him about his condition and makes sure that patient follows the treatment plan.
  • It’s duty of a cardiac nurse to stay with the doctor during treatment and regular checkup and complete the documented work such as making patient’s case description, checking his history and suggesting guidelines for the convenience of senior doctor.
  • Most of the times, the senior cardiologist doesn’t talk to the patient or his family but it’s duty of the nurse to tell them about the condition of patient and keep updating them and the patient about the treatment progress.
  • A cardiac nurse is the one who keeps an eye on the physical condition of the patient and write down the notes to share it with the senior staff.
  • She helps the patient to take medicine and assist them in the test or laboratory processes.

Salary of a cardiac nurse:

The job responsibilities of cardiac nurses vary in different hospitals and it also depends upon the size of that medical facility. For example a hospital with capacity of less than 250 patients can’t pay that much to the nurses as compared to a hospital that can treat 1500 patients at a time. But generally a cardiac nurse earns $70000 per year which goes up to $90000 with two to three years of experience. Some hospitals also hire nurses on hourly wages so in that case, a cardiac nurse earns about $15 per hour. Although the salary isn’t that good but mostly students apply for this job who are studying in medical school and they just want a part time job in the relevant field.

Here are the guidelines to create a cardiac nurse resume:

  • There is no way you use an old objective from another job application because the objective is the one thing that attracts the recruiter so you better make it different. Spend some time with the resume and pour your own thoughts on paper instead of just copy pasting sentences.
  • There is no need to give a brief description about your each and every job either it’s related to the vacancy or not. Just add those works that has something to do with the nursing taking care of patients in old age homes.
  • Talk about your education history and provide everything about your medical’s degree and graduation diploma but there is absolutely no need to talk about high school education as reader knows that you have passed it to enter in the medical college.
  • Instead of talking about previous job duties or tasks, talk about achievements and skills you have developed during that time and how those talents are going to help you on this job you are applying for.
  • After completing the resume, it’s vital that you proofread it twice or better ask someone else to do it for you. This way you will be able to eliminate the minor grammatical and spellings mistakes.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Unless you are asked, don’t provide any references in the first place but save them for later. Once you are called for an interview, then it’s the time to give them the information about your employment history.
  • This is not some common document that you can play with so you need to spend some time with your resume while designing it. Avoid using colorful paper and fonts and stick to a simple template.
  • There is no need to add anything too personal in your nursing resume as this is an official document and no one will have time to read all of that useless information like your marital status or hobbies.
  • Do not send the resume without proofreading it. You should do it twice or better ask someone else do to it for you. Look for small grammatical and spellings mistakes that you couldn’t see in a glance.

Sample Cardiac Nurse Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Cardiac Nurse Resume created using MS Word,

Cardiac Nurse Resume

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Download Cardiac Nurse Resume

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