Biotech Resume

Biotech is the abbreviation of Biotechnology and is a branch of biology that deals with the use of microorganisms which perform industrial processes. Biotechnology is one of the new courses which are being studied in institutions now. It has developed rapidly in very short time. The importance of biotechnology can be understood by the fact that there is countless number of microorganisms which need to be researched. These small particles are very beneficial to human beings.

Biotechnology as a Career

Most of people think that biotechnology is just about wearing white lab coats and making medicines but the fact is that this field is too vast and it has various career options including marketing and sales, manufacturing and management of medicines. Here are examples of the jobs in the field of biotechnology:

  • Research scientist (Medical)
  • Forensic scientist
  • Research scientist (Life sciences)
  • Scientific journalist
  • Research scientist in agriculture
  • Research scientist in food industry
  • Teachers in schools, colleges and universities

Areas to be Applied for Employment

  • Biotechnology companies
  • Health services organizations
  • Water industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Universities
  • Manufacturers  of food and drinks

Biotech Resume

Resume is of vital importance for getting a job. It is necessary to describe the skills of applicant in field of biotechnology. The biotech resume should be concise yet comprehensive. It should be specific and modified according to the job requirements. Your qualifications should be according to the requirements of the company. A resume should be in a good structure. Here is a set of instructions to be followed to make your resume professional and complete.

Information about Your Contact

It should include the details like full name, address, contact number and E–mail address.


In this section, the reader knows about the aim of your resume. Without objective the biotech resume cannot create the desired impact.


This section should describe your achievements in biotech jobs.


You should mention the highest degree first, then name of institution, city and country. Mention the major degree along with the year awarded. You can also mention your GPA if it is required by employer.


In this section mention your skills and abilities in this field.

Other Skills

In this section you can describe your extra skills if any like computer and language skills.


Here achievements can be mentioned like internships and employment. Add your job title, name of previous employer, dates of employment and job description.

Here is preview of a free and sample Biotech Resume created using MS Word,

Biotech Resume

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