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Billing clerks work in almost every business and organization and their key responsibility is to prepare, issue and process invoices and to keep them in the permanent record for future verification and to use as evidence in case of any dispute. As this is clear from the title that these types of employees work with billings and receipts which is like the most necessary ingredient of any business transaction either its related to money or services. People, who do this job, work with simple calculating machines and computer programs to prepare and maintain a record of every sale of purchase taking place inside the company. This is not a high profile job that means it doesn’t need you to have a professional degree to apply for the job and you can start your career here right after your high school completion and the only skill you need is how to operate a computer and a few simple programs.

When a business or an office hires a Billing Clerk, he is asked to do a number of tasks which vary according to the business type and the department he is working in i.e. sales, advertising, accounts or marketing. Generally a billing clerk is required to compile and record bills, prepare and issue invoices and provides customer services as the face of the company by answering queries of clients and resolving their issues. He is also responsible to regularly update the customer’s file with current invoices and contact information. In specific case, the billing clerk may also need to compare the shipment information and the invoice he saved to eliminate an error or to resolve an issue.

Up until now you have discovered that this is a basic job which doesn’t need you to be an expert in any field or a professional degree in business administration but only serves as a starting point to go up in the accounting or billing career so this is pretty much clear that it doesn’t pay that well and you can only do this job as a temporary and part time thing but can’t adopt it on permanent basis. Although it varies from business to business but generally a billing clerk earns up to $30000 per year which goes up to $40000 in some special cases i.e. having responsibility of more than one department or performing some extra tasks on the side.

Key elements to include in a Billing Clerk Resume:

  • Start the resume with your contact information in the introduction area and put your name and contact number and email in slightly bold font.
  • Instead of using an objective, you should put a short summary of your career and don’t forget to use some action words in that such as achievements or accomplishments.
  • Give details about your previous work history and start with the most recent job you had. Write your job title, company’s name and the duration of your work there. It would be a good idea if you use bullet points to separate every job.
  • After that it’s time to talk about your education. Start with the professional degree and put the name of the institution, degree of course and year of passing.
  • If you have some extra skills that will help you at this job, mention that in separate section so that it would be easier to notice them.

Elements that you shouldn’t add in a Billing Clerk Resume:

  • There is no need to put a picture on your resume because it’s not an act related job. If you have an old acting resume that you are going to send, don’t do that.
  • You should update your resume on regular basis and always create a new and different resume for different jobs.
  • Although it’s very important to know what you will be earning but save that for the interview and don’t ever ask about the salary in the resume.
  • Avoid being too personal in the resume as this a professional document not your dating profile.
  • Don’t make it too lengthy and eliminate all the irrelevant information or general stuff if there is any.

Sample Billing Clerk Resume:

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Billing Clerk Resume

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