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Banking and finance is an important industry and you can give a smart boost to your career by taking start as a bank teller. This Bank Teller Resume is created and being shared with you to help you in this very task. Some banks prefer to hire college students for this post and offer promotions to graduate and degree holder students. It does not matter either teller is your ultimate career goal or you are just interested to get your foot in the door to further move onto bigger dreams because in both cases you are required a well structured resume. Your resume should be planned in a way to depict your liable and strong notion in front of potential employer. It should reveal that you are really capable and proficient person for this position. Your resume should include vital keywords that can be learnt through the interpretation of bank teller job description provided by probable employer.

Job Description of Bank Teller

Bank teller resume requires strong words and phrases for proper screening and this can be done easily with the proper reading of bank teller job description:

  • Bank teller is answerable to accept and tally working cash at commencement of shift.
  • Identify customers, verify their transactions and cash checks.
  • Accept hard cash and checks for deposit and ensure the precision of deposit slip.
  • Process cash withdrawals and carry out particular tasks like preparation of checks, individual money orders, issue travelers checks and exchange foreign currency.
  • Receive and validate loan expenses, credit expenditure and utility bill costs and record each deal quickly, truthfully and in acquiescence with the trials of bank.

Tips to Write Bank Teller Resume

  • Commence your resume with the private information and call details at the top such as your stable address, phone numbers and email address.
  • Now it is turn for objective section so abridge it just in one sentence that will delineate your credentials and specific title you are interested to get. For instance, “A Harvard College Student with accounting majors and two years of accounting experience, seeking a position as a bank teller with a prominent financial institution”.
  • Write concise summary of your banking credentials that you have earned during schooling and internships etc. It will be good to use bullet points to write this section as it will help you to focus on your key attributes and underline significant skills like communication, cash management, financial information, interpersonal skills etc.
  • Your understanding section is the most significant segment of your resume so be cautious and list past jobs but start with latest experience. In each job, you will have to write your job title, name of the organization, duration of service and key errands.
  • Briefly describe any particular training or software facts in a separate section because bank tellers are required to work with computers so you have to show your computer literacy and aptness to learn new things.


  • If you do not have a job in financial services then do not disappoint and carefully evaluate your previous jobs and try to find some relevant activities according to the requirements of bank teller.
  • Interpersonal abilities, conflict-resolution skills, cash management skills and mathematical abilities should be present in your bank teller resume.
  • Use strong action verbs such as managed, planned, resolved, communicate etc. to make your resume impressive.


  • Do not assume anything for your job and be careful about the resume writing as any fault can lead you to the serious troubles.
  • Do not make any delay in resume writing if you are interested to apply for the certain job as the market has high competition.
  • Your information should be based on facts so after compiling your resume analyze it carefully to avoid any bogus details.

Bank Teller Resume

Here is preview of this sample Bank Teller Resume created using MS Word,

Bank Teller Resume

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