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A Babysitter is a person who cares for a child on temporary basis on behalf of the child’s parents. The age of babysitters can range from 11 to 19, and even students in their 20s take on babysitting as a part-time job. Although the job of a babysitter depends on the agreed upon terms and conditions, determined by parental permission; however, the duties and responsibilities of a babysitter may include watching a sleeping child, playing games, preparing meals, teaching the child to read, or even driving.

Babysitter Resume need to be crafted very carefully as employers will be looking for a very responsible person to take care of their children. Hence, getting started with a Sample Babysitter Resume is a good idea.

In many countries, different organizations, such as hospitals and schools, offer courses for babysitters, primarily focusing on child safety and first aid suitable for infants and children.

Job Description for Babysitter:

Job description for a Babysitter may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Watches the children, keeps them entertained, safe, and out of trouble. Makes children comfortable by behaving gently and kindly; keeps emergency numbers and parent’s numbers; well-informed about medical help and neighbors’ assistance, and fire safety procedures. Helps children for eating, bathing; Tries to know their attitudes and play with them. If the child is having some medical problem like allergies, cough and cold and many more then make sure that the child is safe. Informs the parents of any injuries that happen while he/she is babysitting the children; feeds the children and gets them in to bed.

Tips for Writing Babysitter Resume:

Some of the most important tips for writing a Babysitter resume are as follows:

  • Divide the Babysitter Resume into separate sections and subsections along with short paragraphs and bulleted points to make it easily legible.
  • Provide all essential details including full name, contact information, telephone numbers, permanent address, email address, and objective.
  • Write your major professional achievements as a babysitter next to the objective section to give an idea about quantifiable results of your work.
  • Since Professional Experience section is very important for the Babysitter job, so it should be written above the Education section.
  • If possible, describe your professional experience and related basic job responsibilities in bullets.
  • Include all major skills that are relevant to the babysitting profession in Skills section to highlight your capabilities.


There are a number of things that should be included in a Babysitter resume, which are as follows:

  • Write a job objective in your resume that strikes a chord with the employer.
  • It is significant to summarize your strengths and key qualifications in the top half of the first page, which can be done with the Professional Accomplishments section.
  • When writing a Professional Experience section, always highlight your achievements.
  • Under each employer, include a bulleted list of your major achievements, and show quantifiable results of your work in this section.
  • Include your most important academic qualifications in your resume that are particularly related to babysitting.
  • Include a list of your major babysitting related skills in your resume that can provide benefit to the employer.
  • Include the affiliations, and professional training, workshops, and seminars that you have attended related to your profession, if any.


Things that need to be avoided in writing a Babysitter resume are as under:

  • Don’t write too many responsibilities and accomplishments in your resume as they will conceal the important points.
  • Don’t give a long list of skills as it will only be viewed with skepticism.
  • Don’t falsify information in any condition.
  • Don’t include extraneous personal information, such as your hobbies, health, social security number, age, height, weight, religion, citizenship, race, marital status, or names of wife and kids.
  • Don’t include research papers, dissertations, or lists of publications.
  • Don’t include photos in your resume.
  • Don’t make your resume too long, as anywhere from one to three pages is appropriate.

Action Words:

Actions words are of great help in order to make a professional looking resume. These words can be used in the Professional Achievements and Professional Experience sections of the Babysitter Resume. Some of the most important action words are as under:

Assisted, Authorized, Cared, Cooked, Coordinated, Created, Bathed, Dressed, Engaged, Enjoyed, Ensured, Entertained, Experienced, Fed, Followed, Found, Helped, Ironed, Kept, Made, Maintained, Played, Prepared, Provided, Recorded, Reinforced, Remained, Scheduled, Served, Shopped, Tidied, Took, Transported, Undertook, Washed.

Here is preview of this Babysitter Resume created using MS Word,

Babysitter Resume

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Interview Tips:

Interview is the most significant part of a recruitment process, which extensively affects the selection or rejection of a job candidate. Therefore, it is essential for the candidate to be well prepared for the interview.

Some of the most noteworthy interview tips that need to be followed when preparing for an interview for the Babysitter job are as under:

  • Create a list of most common interview questions related to babysitting and answers, or you can answer them by yourself.
  • Determine latest trends related to babysitting, which are presently happening in your profession and how to face or solve them.
  • Recognize attributes, features or abilities essential for a babysitter, which are related to this job and how to get them.
  • Show your keen interest in the vacant job, however do not overdo it.
  • During an interview, always maintain a professional demeanor and desist from discussing personal issues.
  • At the end of the interview, express gratitude and appreciation to the interviewers for their time.

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