Bookseller Resume

Bookseller Resume
A bookseller is a person who works in a bookshop and sells books, magazines, digests and other types of literature. This person is the one who you talk to when you go in the bookshop and he tells you everything about where you will find your required books or if you don’t know any specific book, he will also give you suggestions... more →
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Hotel Sales Manager Resume

Hotel Sales Manager Resume
You might not think of a hotel as a business but this is a fact that hotels are considered as a big business opportunity with millions of clients that travel to different destinations around the world. In order to expand this business and acquire more clients, hotels hire sales managers. The key responsibility of these sales managers... more →
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Sales Recruiter Resume

This is not some secret that sales department is like the most important department and backbone of a company or organization and that makes it more crucial to only hire the perfect candidates for the sales vacancies in the company. As the sales department is completely different from other departments such as management and accounting,... more →
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Order Entry Clerk Resume

Order entry clerk is an important position that usually works in the retail environment to manage income orders issued by customers. Order entry clerks take orders and processes them in the order processing system of the company. They are responsible to insure accurate execution of orders without any error. You can apply for this... more →
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Territory Manager Resume

A territory manager is a head or supervisor of a professional sales team who concentrates on increasing the sale in a particular geographical area. We see this type of managers in a wide range of businesses from telecommunication to customer services and electronic appliances. Usually the territory manager increases the sale of his... more →
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Retail Sales Resume

Retail sales persons work in departmental stores and special outlets like car showroom, electronic shop etc. These people can work in variety of settings such as these can work in a furniture store in the form of group or can work separately in specific departments of a department store. If you want to start a great career in the... more →
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Salesman Resume

Qualified and talented salespersons have hot demand in the market because the companies require increasing their sales in order to increase profitability of their business. Effectiveness of a salesperson can be measured by getting overview of accomplished and pending goals. You can make your salesperson resume an appealing resume... more →
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Sales Representative Resume

Selling is considered as an art because it is not easy to persuade others to buy your products. It requires talent, determination, excellent communication and persuasion skills. If you have these qualities then you can apply for the sales representative jobs. You can use your sales strategies while hunting a suitable job for you.... more →
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Sales Associate Resume

The Sales Associate is an important person in an organization who maintains good customer service.  The responsibility of Sales Associate is not only to serve customers and correctly record all sales, but also to assist with merchandising responsibilities. These responsibilities include stocking, pricing and keeping the store neat,... more →
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Vice President of Sales Resume

A Vice President of Sales is a marketing professional who is responsible for an organization’s most vital assets, such as customers and the revenue a company generates. He/she should have ability to build the sales model, recruit the teams, and personally convince customers to purchase the products or services. He/she plays a major... more →
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