Hotel Sales Manager Resume

Hotel Sales Manager Resume
You might not think of a hotel as a business but this is a fact that hotels are considered as a big business opportunity with millions of clients that travel to different destinations around the world. In order to expand this business and acquire more clients, hotels hire sales managers. The key responsibility of these sales managers... more →
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Store Incharge Resume

Store Incharge Resume
A Store Incharge or store manager is a person who is responsible of running a store smoothly and increasing the sales figure with capturing more customers. All the responsibilities and duties that are included in day-to-day routine of a store working are handled by the store manager i.e. From managing the employees to keeping the... more →
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Nurse Recruiter Resume

We all know who a nurse is and what his or her responsibilities on the job are. Yes it’s true that doctors are the real live savers in the professional career but that doesn’t lessen the importance of nurses in the hospital operations and functions. It’s not possible for a doctor to present with all the patients at the same... more →
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Benefit Manager Resume

We have discussed the job of a benefit administrator somewhere else and if you have read it, you know that what the key responsibility of a benefit employee is. When we talk about manager, it’s the employee that is hired as the supervisor or in charge in the office and usually there are separate managers for each department in... more →
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Insurance Manager Resume

Insurance is a very high profile and important field these days and unlike a few decades back, now people prefer owning all the property and vehicles that are insured. This explains that now this career is taking another step in the lives of common customers. When that many people are interested in buying insurance policies, it’s... more →
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Security Manager Resume

Security manager is such an individual who provides secure environment to the people in an organization. He ensures the employees that they are working in risk free environment. Security management can be done with help of security development plans and then by implementing them at workplace. This position is very responsible and... more →
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Clinical Data Manager Resume

A data manager in a clinic or a research facility makes sure that the results coming from research processes and laboratory trails are accurately entered in the database. In simple words, a data manager is involved from the beginning of a trail to the selection of research teams to the publication of the research theories and results.... more →
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Medical Billing Manager Resume

A billing manager in a hospital or private clinic supervises all the administration tasks and oversees the performance and capabilities of each employee in a medical facility. This manager has the same duties as the managers in other fields; from hiring new staff to training them and promoting or demoting them. This employee makes... more →
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Purchase Manager Resume

A purchase manager, who is also known as procurement head, works in the field of purchasing or buying inside the company. This position and this person are found in those huge and international companies which has more than one department but they use a centralized process of purchasing for the entire company. It’s very common... more →
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Territory Manager Resume

A territory manager is a head or supervisor of a professional sales team who concentrates on increasing the sale in a particular geographical area. We see this type of managers in a wide range of businesses from telecommunication to customer services and electronic appliances. Usually the territory manager increases the sale of his... more →
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