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A purchase manager, who is also known as procurement head, works in the field of purchasing or buying inside the company. This position and this person are found in those huge and international companies which has more than one department but they use a centralized process of purchasing for the entire company. It’s very common that every business buys or purchases stuff on regular basis and that’s the reason that it is very hard to keep track of every purchase to see where is being consumed and if it’s the right time to purchase more of those items or not. Once a department feels that it needs something, the department head prepares a report of the consumption of the previous goods and the quantity for the future and he presents this report to the purchase manager who do some research and finds out if the company really needs those items and if it’s actually possible for the company to issue finances for the purchase.

When a company hires a purchase manager, he is supposed to deliver the following duties:

  • Purchasing the needed materials in time and on lowest costs.
  • Ordering products before time so that when the company needs them, they are available in the stock and there is no chance of delay in any process.
  • Staying in the limits in the usage of the items to achieve a pre-planned usage target.
  • Assisting all the departments while preparation of their annual budgets.
  • Assisting the HR department to hire the most efficient staff for the purchase department.
  • Analyzing vendor’s behavior and trend to purchase the products at just the right time.
  • Making sure that the delivered products are according to the purchase agreement.
  • Keeping a record of every purchase and usage of each item and to use it in any error or conflict.

As we have discussed above that purchase manager is a very important person in any business or company. He is responsible for the financial expenses of the company and his decisions will lead the company towards progress or bankruptcy. That’s why these purchase managers get very good salaries and they start from $65000 per year on the initial levels of their career. As they gain experience in the company, after two to three years their salary reaches about $120000 per year which is a damn good figure. Their salary keeps on increasing until they reach the post of the head of the department. After that they continue their career in a slightly different direction but that’s related to the purchase too. Different companies pay different salary amounts but it’s a fact that the bigger the company is, the higher your salary will be.

Key elements to include in a purchase manager resume:

  • Separate the information on your resume by making individual sections for each detail.
  • At the top, put your name and contact information in the personal information section. Here you are required to put your telephone number and mail address so the interviewer can contact you.
  • Usually people put an objective in their resume but that’s too common out there and you have to come up with a unique idea such as providing a career overview or short summary of previous employment history. This way it’s more interesting and will attract and convince the recruiter to call you for an interview.
  • After that in the experience section, put all the information about your previous work history. Here you are required to discuss each one of the job which is related to purchase management and the things you put here are name of the company, duration of employment and job title.
  • In the educational history section, you talk about the achievements that you have made in the studies. Here you start with the most recent or professional degree and provide name of the institution, passing year and degree of course.
  • When you are discussing your previous employments, you should eliminate the words like duties or assigned tasks and use professional words such as accomplishments and achievements. Here you should use more digits and less words because this way it’s more attracted and less boring.
  • State the special skills you have such as ability to make good relations with people, excellent in talking and convincing the people or something like that.

Elements you should eliminate from your purchase manager’s resume such as:

  • Focus on the resume and eliminate any distractions from the surroundings. This way you will be able to limit the specific stuff to its section and that helps to make it look more professional.
  • Your resume will get about 10 seconds of a glance so don’t put anything that is not relevant to the job. Remove personal details such as hobbies and favorite movies or the type of music you like.
  • Stick to a simple format and try to keep it as short as possible. Long resumes generate gesture of irritation and people don’t feel attracted to lengthy paragraphs too.
  • Don’t send resume without proofreading it or you better ask you friend to do it for you.
  • Eliminate grammatical and spellings mistakes if there are any.

Sample Purchase Manager Resume:

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Purchase Manager Resume

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Download Purchase Manager Resume

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A territory manager is a head or supervisor of a professional sales team who concentrates on increasing the sale in a particular geographical area. We see this type of managers in a wide range of businesses from telecommunication to customer services and electronic appliances. Usually the territory manager increases the sale of his area by maintaining good and long term relations with the customers. The most important part of a territory manager’s job is to start and keep good relations with customers because a happy customer is like the best way to advertise your product. Although it’s not a part of most of the territory managers but some of them go out and actually meet with the clients in their territory. This way they don’t only believe what their sales team tells them but they listen to the real consumers and ask about their concerns about the product he is selling.

When a company hires a territory manager or nominates an old employee to this post, he is required to perform the following duties:

  • Maintaining personal contact with all the assigned accounts in the territory.
  • To answer all the queries within 24 hour and arranging a meeting with the new clients to give them a presentation about the company’s products or services.
  • Arranging meeting, conventions and presentations for the meeting between the company and territory clients and serving as a host.
  • Maintaining a kind and courteous behavior towards every client and each of his complain.
  • Eliminating the conflicts between clients and the sales team to increase the customer’s trust on company’s customer care services.

As we have defined above the key tasks of a territory manager and his important in the progress of a company or business, these managers are paid very good salaries. Although their salary figure varies according to the size, type and location of the company as bigger or international companies pay higher salaries because their business is huge where on the other hand, small or local companies pay less salary. Same is the affect of the location of the company as you can see that territory managers in Europe and America get paid higher salaries whereas the same managers in the countries like Pakistan or India get low salaries. Generally a territory manager earn up to $75000 per year which increases as he gains more experience and increases the sales. These managers are also accommodated with extra benefits like free medical, insurance, retirement plans and more important bonuses on targeted sales.

Key elements to include in a territory manager resume:

  • Divide your resume into several different parts and limit all the information to their specific portions.
  • Start the resume with information section in which you put your name and contact information such as telephone number and mail address.
  • After that put an objective in which you state your sales related goals in a unique manner.
  • After that put a short but brief summary of your education achievements which you should start with the most recent degree you have earned and then go back and discuss every course and certification. You are required to put the name of the institution, degree of course and passing year for each.
  • In the work experience section, you discuss everything about your previous jobs but only the related ones. Start with the most recent job and provide the name of the company, job title and duration of employment there.
  • In the end use some special keywords to demonstrate your skills and abilities related to sales and the tactics that you have gained over the past few years which will help you at this job.

Things you shouldn’t put in your territory manager resume such as:

  • Unless you are asked, don’t provide any references in the first place but save them for later. Once you are called for an interview, then it’s the time to give them the information about your previous employers.
  • This is not some common document that you can play with; you need to spend some time with your resume while designing it. Avoid using colorful paper and fonts and stick to a simple template.
  • There is no need to add anything too personal in your manager’s resume as this is an official document and no one will have time to read all of that useless information like your marital status or hobbies.
  • Do not send the resume without proofreading it. You should do it twice or better ask someone else do to it for you. Look for small grammatical and spellings mistakes that you couldn’t see in a glance.

Sample Territory Manager Resume:

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Territory Manager Resume

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Download Territory Manager Resume


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An assistant project manager is the person who is required to assist his or her nominated project manager with the planning, management direction, project completion and financial expenses to complete and deliver the project on time to satisfy the client(s). An ideal assistant helps the project management in all possible ways like project coordination and control, cost tracking, job cost analysis, arranging meeting for administration and clients and preparing weekly progress reports of the project. From many aspects, the assistant project manager enjoys this job because he or she gets to observe the management team and assist them with all the responsibilities. This way he actually prepares to be a project manager eventually with the passage of time.

When an employee is assigned this position, he is required to perform the following duties:

  • Assist the project management team to develop project control systems i.e. project execution plan(s).
  • Assist the project team to keep the client up to date with the progress and milestones.
  • Draft project programs as required by the project manager and executive account manager.
  • Monitor the cost of the project and awaking the team when it’s about to exceed from the pre-planned budget scheme.
  • Assisting the project management team to keep record of every change and in case it’s not a common one, arranging a meeting with the clients to get their approval.
  • Preparing regular reports about the project on weekly or monthly basis.
  • Once the project is completed, assisting the project management team to deliver it to the clients.

The salary of these assistants mainly depends upon a number of factors such as the size, type and location of the company or business they are employed in. Global or international companies and businesses pay their assistants a very good salary amount whereas the local or small town companies doesn’t have much finances to pay good to their assistants. Similarly companies related to finance or accounting hire assistant staff on higher salaries unlike the other businesses like advertisement or real estate. Generally an assist project manager earns up to $60000 per year which in some cases increases up to $65000 as you have extra skills or abilities that are helping you a lot on the job. There are companies out there which hire the assistants on hourly wages or hire them temporarily for just one project. This way there salary varies from project to project and they have rights to work on more than one project at once.

Key elements to include in an assistant project manager resume:

  • Create different sections for various kinds of information in your resume. That way the resume looks more professional and easy to understand.
  • Start the resume with the first section and that would be information section. In this section you put your name and basic personal information and contact details such as phone number and mail address.
  • After that you can either write an objective or create a summary of your previous careers and jobs. The second option is recommended because it’s unique and interesting to read. However if you choose to write an objective, pour your own thoughts on papers and avoid copy pasting it.
  • After that, it’s time to discuss your work history. Here you write all the previous jobs you had that are related to project management or assistance. Start with the most recent job and go back in time up to the first job you had. Put job title, company name and duration of employment for each job.
  • In the education section, you provide your educational information. Here you also start with the most recent or professional degree and go up to graduation. Write the name of the institution, name of course and passing year for each degree. During that time if you have attended extra classes of short courses, mention that too.
  • If you have achieved and award or certificate on your previous job, mention that here.
  • Special skills like decision making, customer care services, excellent communication ability are some key features that the recruiters search in a candidate. If you have any, mention that here.

Elements not to include in an assistant project manager resume:

  • Don’t provide references in the first place unless you are asked. Wait for the interview and then reveal who your previous employers are.
  • Don’t create a long resume and in this particular case, two pages are more than enough.
  • Stick to a simple template and easy readable font style. Don’t try to make it fancy or it will feel unprofessional.
  • Don’t mention too much personal information or irrelevant stuff which has nothing to do with the job you are applying for.
  • Don’t send a resume without proofreading it and it would be much better if you ask someone else to do this for you.

Sample Assistant Project Manager resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Assistant Project Manager Resume created using MS Word,

Assistant Project Manager Resume

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Download Assistant Project Manager Resume

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The role of an assistant manager is an essential ingredient in every business and organization. The employee who works at this position is required to play a role of bridge or buffer between the higher management and lower supervision. Although person at this post is supposed to be only an assistant but the fact is that they actually make a number of important decisions for the management in daily routine. The assistant manager stays with the manager and helps him in this every task such as recruiting, training, managing, supervising and scheduling the work of the staff. These assistants play a vital role in the training of the new staff too as along with the daily routine works like answering the phone calls coming for manager, welcoming the visitors and clients who are there to meet the manager and scheduling meetings and conferences for the manager and reminding him before time about the upcoming event.

When a company hires an assistant for a manager, he is supposed to perform a number of duties and some of them are:

  • Answering the incoming phone calls, keeping the calling person on-hold if the manager is busy and then transferring the call.
  • If the call isn’t specifically for the manager, talking to that person and answering his questions about the company and its services.
  • Welcome the incoming guests, visitors and clients and escorting them to the manager’s office or seating them in case the manager is busy at the moment.
  • Receiving the parcels and deliveries on behalf of the manager and later passing them to him.
  • Mailing letters and documents for the manager either inside or outside the office.
  • Performing general clerical work such as making receipts, slips, entering data into computer and keeping a record of every visitor.
  • Preparing documents for the upcoming event like a meeting or conference and handing out those papers to the attendants.

Although you are an assistant to the manager but that doesn’t mean you have less responsibilities than your boss. Companies hire new staff and appoint them as assistant to the mangers in order to lessen the burden of their work duties. This is why it’s a common concept that the assistant of the manager is actually the real manager. As this is not a high profile post, company pays the assistant managers about $40000 per year which in some specific cases increases up to $50000. Also there are companies out there who hire assistants on hourly wages so that the employees can work with flexible duty hours. This is a great opportunity especially for the persons who can’t do a normal job due to some disability. When you start your career as the manager’s assistant, you know that this is not it. This is just a starting point of your career in the company and you are on this job just to gain some experience. This is the reason that although the pay is not that good but people apply for the job and do it with satisfaction.

Key elements to include in an assistant manager resume:

  • Mention the personal and contact information such as name, telephone number and mail address at the top of the resume.
  • Make various sections for each detail and keep those sections separate.
  • Instead of giving out an objective, you should write a career overview or employment summary because it’s more interesting and unique.
  • In the experience section, you should put all your previous jobs but only the related ones and start with the most recent job. Put the name of the company, duration of employment and job title in this section.
  • Use more action words such as accomplishments and achievements and eliminate the common words like duties or previous job tasks.
  • In the education section, start with the most recent or professional degree and put the name of the institution, name of the course and passing year for each certification. If you have attended extra classes during your education period, list that too.
  • If you have special skills such as consistent performance, computer literate, organizational skills, decision making, customer services and excellent ability to communicate, list that too.

Things not to add in your assistant manager resume:

  • Always stay clear and to the point in every section and don’t put anything useless or irrelevant.
  • Don’t put anything too much personal like hobbies or favorite writer because no one will have that much time to read all of that.
  • No matter how important was it, don’t discuss an experience if it’s not related to the assistant manager’s job.
  • Stick to a simple, short and elegant template and don’t use fancy colors or fonts in the resume.
  • There is no need to mention an expected salary figure but save it for later. When you are called for an interview, that’s the point where you discuss the money.
  • Don’t forget to proofread the resume once or better do it twice just to be more sure.

Sample Assistant Manager Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Assistant Manager Resume created using MS Word,

Assistant Manager Resume

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Download Assistant Manager Resume 

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An advertising manager acts like a bridge between the agency staff employees and outside clients in the market. Working with the team, the advertising manager acts like as a sales representative in front of the client when he is presenting a proposal and he is the one who also works as the representative of the client inside the company. The key purpose of an advertising manager is to present the idea the client wants to see, convince him to seal the deal and agree to start the project, building an effective team to complete the project on time while staying within the budget and preparing regular reports to keep the client update about the progress of the project.

If we analyze a routine day of an advertising manager’s work life, we see that he usually do the following duties. Although these tasks vary with the agency size and work conditions but mostly it’s the same.

  • Acting as a salesperson and represent the agency in the market as an agent to attract clients.
  • Convincing the clients to have a meeting with the company’s management and technical and creative staff so that they can prove their capabilities.
  • Arranging time for the agency-client meeting and assisting the staff in that meeting.
  • Once the client is agreed to give the project, supervising all the documentation work.
  • Building an effective team by choosing best employees from each department i.e. promotion, production, sales, marketing, accounting and creativity.
  • Once the team members are selected, briefing them about the project and the important milestones they have to achieve in the tight schedule.
  • Training, guiding, supervising and keeping the staff on track to deliver the maximum results.
  • In case of some issue or finance related problem, doing a meeting with the client to inform him and to ask for his permission if there will be any change in the plan.
  • Making sure that the project is delivered on time and there is no error or fault in it.

This is a superior level job and involves a lot of important duties such as monitoring, guiding and keep the staff on track. That’s the advertising managers get good salary figures although there earnings depend upon the size of the agency and work amount but usually an advertising manger starts his career with $50000 per year which increases up to $60000 after the first six months. Once you have gained an experience of two to three years, your salary goes round about $120000 per year which is huge achievement as there are only fewer jobs that pay this big in the starting of the career.

Key elements to include in an advertising manager resume:

  • Divide the resume into several sections and start with information section where you put your name and contact information such as telephone number and email address.
  • In a separate section, talk about your previous jobs. Use separate bullet points to explain each of them and give the job title, company name and duration of your work there.
  • After that provide your educational experience where you start with the professional degree you earned most recently and go backward up to graduation. Provide name of the institutions, degree of course and passing year.
  • Be concise about your accomplishments and show them that you are the perfect choice for the available position. Make your theory strong by providing some extra skills if you have any.
  • Your resume should leave a good effect on reader’s mind and the key purpose of this document is to show the employer your behavior, skills, abilities and credentials.
  • It would be better if you provide your previous employer’s addresses and mention them as your references as they can speak about your key skills, achievements and on duty behavior.

Elements not to include in an advertising manager resume:

  • This is a high profile job so stick with the important stuff and don’t add anything irrelevant or unnecessary.
  • No matter how great the job was or how much you learned from there but if you had a problem on your previous job, don’t give that employer’s name as reference because he will only talk rubbish about you.
  • Avoid using terms like TRP or VP because this makes your resume look unprofessional and childish.
  • Useless information will just waste the time of the reader and lesser your chances of getting an interview so avoid providing irrelevant stuff in any section whether it’s personal or work related.
  • Giving a long list of skills is not a good idea as it will be considered uncertainly.

Sample Advertising Manager Resume:

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Advertising Manager Resume

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Download Advertising Manager Resume

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Accounting is such a broad field which involves almost every business in the world. With the help of accounting, one keeps the record of his business’s growth. This is a process which is done either on daily basis or after a pre-defined time period like three or six months. Account manager is a financial professional who oversees the money related activities in the business and keep record of every transaction either its cash or services. He is the one who researches, defines and implements new strategies in the business and more certainly he is the one who presents a real time picture of the business in front of administration or owners.

When a company hires an account manager, he is required to perform a number of tasks. For example the account manager is the one who supervise the accounts department and provides maximum consideration to implement the company’s policies. He is also required to prepare and present financial statements of every business transaction to continuously analyze whether the business is growing upward or falling downward. As every business in a country has to pay taxes to the government so when the tax department asks for the yearly sale and turnover, the account manager prepares official documents to show the real profit figure so that the company won’t pay more than it owes. He is the one who is supposed to keep an eye on the market and other businesses in the competition to change or improve the policies and strategies before it’s too late.

Accounts manager is like the backbone of a business or an organization and that’s the reason they are well taken care of. Although earnings of account managers vary from business to business and economic situation of the country but usually an account manager earns up to $150000 per year on initial levels which gradually goes around $300000 per year. There are companies out there who pay their account managers yearly bonuses on targeted performance and provide extra facilities like free medical, insurance and a great retirement plan.

Key elements to include in an account manager resume:

  • The key purpose of your resume is to get you an interview so you better keep that in mind. This document will present your first impression in front of your employer so it should be eye catching.
  • There will be thousands of people who apply for the same job so you should posses something different that attracts the recruiter. For example what if you don’t use an objective? You will be surprised to know that using something other than an objective creates more interview chances for you. You should think about writing a career summary or overview of all your previous jobs that are related to management or accounting.
  • Give a short and precise description of your previous jobs and start with the most recent job. Only enlist the important jobs and don’t go decades back in discussing your career when you were a teenager.
  • Do the same when discussing your educational history. By starting your professional degree tell everything up to graduation. If you attended extra finance or accounting courses, write that too.
  • Proofread the resume more than once and look for little spelling mistakes as this will ruin your image if the employer catches any errors in your resume.

Elements not to include in an account manager resume:

  • Don’t make your resume too long or too short as some people try to include all the details regardless if it’s necessary or not where on the other hand, few of them squeeze the information so hard that they forget to put the needed material just to make it short.
  • There is no need to add a personal information section because the recruiter is interested in your expertise not in your hobbies or marital status.
  • No matter how important was it and how great the reference is, don’t add anything about a job which is not related to accounting or management.
  • Don’t be a fool to provide everything in just a piece of paper and try to save some important stuff for the interview too.
  • Unless you are asked to, don’t provide references in the first place.

Sample Accounts Manager Resume:

Here is preview of this free Sample Accounts Manager Resume,

Accounts Manager Resume

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Download Accounts Manager Resume

IT Manager Resume


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If you are looking for the new and permanent job in the information technology then you have to design a compelling IT manager resume. High quality resume is always required to impress the potential employer to hire you. Resume should be divided into different segments for proper inclusion of contents such as function, content and general thoughts. You have to tell the truth in the resume so that you can outstand in the pool of candidates. IT managers are responsible to overlook the operations of IT system and staff. They have to make sure the accuracy of work in the IT system of the company. You can apply for this job but with an imposing IT manager resume that should be designed after consulting job description.

Job Description of IT Manager

  • IT manager is responsible to map, systematize, lead, manage and appraise the operations of the information system and electronic data processing (EDP).
  • He/she is accountable to build up and execute special policies as well as measures for the computer systems operations and development.
  • IT manager has to discuss the different necessities, stipulation, costs and timelines of company with other managers to have prolific suggestions.
  • IT manager will employ and handle information systems employees to plan, extend and successfully execute, activate and oversee the computer and telecommunication software and networks.
  • It is the liability of IT executive to manage the financial plan and expenditures of computer systems.

Tips to Write IT Manager Resume

  • In first step, you have to evaluate the job announcement for the information technology manager and then start scripting your resume. Know about the company and amass important and relevant information for your resume. This will help you to know about the nature and trends of the organization.
  • It will be better to request two to three references of former supervisors. Prioritize your vocation objectives, key actions, graduation dates, volunteering behavior and other details.
  • You can start your work by selecting a right format between sequential and practical resume formats. Recent employment and education should be placed on top of each segment because employers are interested to read them.
  • Practical resume is also known as skills resume will help you to organize know-how around specific skills. If you are fresh graduate then you can use function format to highlight your attributes related to job.
  • Body of your resume should leave an influential impact on the reader so you have to show different aspects of your behavior, credentials and skills. You can provide some additional but relevant details to increase the chances of employment.


  • Use right keywords, effective action based titles and technological names related to your position.
  • You have to describe your technical achievement and accomplishments related to specific position.
  • If you were working in the senior management role during your past jobs then you can list your responsibilities.


  • Do not include obsolete technologies unless placed strategically.
  • Do not include those technologies you do not really know because it can suspect potential employer about your credibility and qualification.
  • Do not include irrelevant experiences and negativities in your IT manager resume.

Sample IT Manager Resume:

Here is preview of this sample IT Manager Resume,

IT Manager Resume

Here is download link for this IT Manager Resume,

Download IT Manager Resume

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Management positions always require well designed resume to influence the latent employer. Main credentials should be your main focus while working on resume writing otherwise you cannot get positive results. Management positions are important positions so it is important to show wide variety of skills in the resume as soon as possible. It is most important to show your skills and qualifications in the resume so that the reader can evaluate your resume according to his/her requirements. General Manager post requires knowledge, achievements and professional attributes.

Job Description of General Manager

  • General Manager is responsible to improve skills, acquaintance and the self-esteem of employees. He should treat them with dignity and respect to create a respectful environment for the whole team.
  • He/she should prepare capable people for encouragement to the next position and repeatedly expand the adequate numbers of shift leaders to meet the essential objectives of business plan.
  • He/she is responsible to maximize the financial performance and the profit of organization. It is only General Manager who will prepare business plan and make sure its proper execution.
  • General Manager makes sure to manage quality of products as well as services to the customers to satisfy them. He/she should personally attend the problems of customers to retain them for the long period of time.

Tips to Write General Manager Resume

  • While writing a general manager resume, the first and main focus should be on title and objectives to show that you are seriously interested to have a sound career with the employer. You have to set your goals before writing goal declaration and then summaries these goals in the general manager resume.
  • Be clear about everything and start your work with skills summary. Management positions require broad skills and in order to get the likelihood of meeting you should emphasize your skills on the top just after your personal information and objectives.
  • Useless details can ruin the effectiveness of your resume, be concise about your accomplishments and prove the track record of your success with proves. Do not just write that you have supervised certain number of people. You should be able to describe the things that your team had accomplished.
  • Your resume should reflect your interest about the company and for this principle you have to search about the important details about the company and write imperative points in the cover letter.

Do’s (Must do while writing that resume)

  • Tailor your resume specifically for the position of general manager and include all important details to show that you are capable to meet challenges.
  • Include important information on the top of the resume to make it visible for the reader and avoid any grammatical and logical mistake.
  • Your resume should contain keywords for the easy screening and these keywords can be selected from job description.

Don’ts (Things not to do while writing resume)

  • Do not put fake references in the general manager resume because this can prove you liar and put negative impression on the potential employer.
  • Do not include irrelevant details in the resume because it will increase the length of your resume and irritate your potential employer.
  • Do not send your resume alone because the cover letter is necessary to enclose with the resume.

Here is preview of this sample General Manager Resume created using MS Word,

General Manager Resume

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Download General Manager Resume

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Office manager is an important person because he/she is responsible to organize everything related to office therefore employers want a person for this position with organizational skills and cost reduction talent. If you have organization skill and are quite confident about your career growth in this profession then it is necessary to design a resume. A well tailored resume should highlight your education, experience and other skills necessary that are necessary to run an office effectively. Job description of office manager is a best source to know about the specific skills required in this profession. Organizations require confident and skilled candidate for this position therefore it is necessary to design your resume in a way to persuade potential employer. Only a good resume can increase your chances of interview call.

Job Description of Office Manager

Job description of office manager may vary from place to place but some common job responsibilities are as under:

Office manager is responsible to take different decisions confidently to improve the efficiency of office. He/she should handle and manage different business aspects according to the nature of organization. Office manager is responsible to handle different responsibilities from accounts of the office to regular administrative operations.

Tips to Design Office Manager Resume

Office manager resume should highlight important details related to the job and for your convenience following are some tips to design office manager resume:

  • Your resume should highlight your ability of quick decision making because potential employer requires a confident person who can take quick decisions to improve the efficiency of organization.
  • You have to outline different accomplishments in the resume related to previous job experiences. It will be good to state your experience in which you have reduce the cost of office expenditure or increase the productivity level without increasing any budget just with the help of your strong decision making skills and effective management.
  • Try to list everything in few possible words because lengthy stories or too wordiness can decrease the value of your resume. It will be good to divide your resume in different sections and subsections to properly highlight everything.
  • It is essential to display your educational background especially the degree of business administration or any other management degree because it is required in this field. If you have any special certifications according to the requirement of industry then highlight it in the section of educational background.
  • Experience section serves as the backbone of resume because past job history and references will help potential employer to know about your credentials and credibility. Include only relevant experience in this section and write name of organization, job title, duration of employment and important job duties.
  • In the experience section, you can write number of employees you have managed during your job and specific initiatives that you have taken to increase the productivity of the organization or to resolve any conflict among workers and different activities.
  • Proofread your resume more than twice to remove any logical or grammatical mistake. It will help you to modify important sections of the resume before taking final printout.

Things to Avoid

Following things should be avoided because these are known as resume killers and can cause serious problems:

  • Avoid vague terms and jargons like RTP, DIV, VP etc. from including in the resume as these can kill the whole purpose of resume.
  • Misrepresentation will not benefit you so you have to be really careful while including important details in the office manager resume.
  • Irrelevant and fluffy stuff will waste the time of reader so keep your resume informative by including relevant details.

Sample Office Manager Resume

Here is preview of this Sample Office Manager Resume created using MS Word,

Office Manager Resume

Here is download link for this Sample Office Manager Resume,


Download Office Manager Resume

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Customer service manager works to satisfy needs of customers on various levels from head office to the front end of business. It is important job therefore highly reliable and qualified people are required by potential employers. Customer service manager is responsible for wide array of duties and responsibilities. If you have required qualification and experience then you have to design a perfect resume for this job. A customer service manager resume will help you to get important place in the eyes of potential employer. Customer service manager resume should be well drafted with all important skills, achievements and qualifications. Potential employers want to see the experience, qualifications and creativity levels of the candidate to meet the expectations of the customers. You can consult job description of customer service manager while designing a perfect resume.

Job description of Customer Service Manager

Job description usually contains duties and responsibilities for customer service manager according to the requirements of potential employer. These can be varied according to organization but some common job duties are responsibilities are as under:

  • Customer service manager is responsible to provide help and useful advice to customers about the products and services of organization.
  • He/she should have good communication skills to talk to customers on phone, email, and letter and in face to face meeting in courteous manner.
  • He/she has to investigate and solve the problems of customers, handle complaints of customers and major incidents regarding security and health issues.
  • He/she has to issue compensations or refunds to satisfy them. Keep accurate records of customer correspondence and discussions.
  • Conduct an analysis of statistics or other data to determine the customer service level organization is providing.
  • You have to produce written information for the help of customers therefore this often involves computer packages and software.
  • Customer service manager has to write reports for the benefits of your organization. Visit customers to provide heart-to-heart services.

Tips to Write Customer Service Manager Resume

Customer service manager resume is necessary to design with complete information so I am going to share some tips to write customer service manager resume:

  • Write contact details on the top of the resume including name, contact numbers, permanent address, email address etc. Draw a line after personal information to keep it separate from the rest of the resume.
  • Write an objective statement to highlight your attributes and achievements. This section can be designed after viewing job description. You can write key attributes, skills and professional experience in this section.
  • It is necessary to craft a skills summary section to condense your work experience and skills. You can include four to five points in this section that should be relevant to the position. This will help potential employer to determine you.
  • Customer service manager jobs require extensive experience so you have to be careful while designing experience summary section. You can write as, “Wide-ranging experience in directing and monitoring the sales team” or “six year experience in the role of customer service manager”. || Read more