Sales Recruiter Resume

This is not some secret that sales department is like the most important department and backbone of a company or organization and that makes it more crucial to only hire the perfect candidates for the sales vacancies in the company. As the sales department is completely different from other departments such as management and accounting,... more →
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HR Recruiter Resume

HR is a very common and frequent position in organizations and companies these days. In fact, a company can’t be considered complete without HR department. This is the department that decides what will be the job responsibilities of each position in a company and what it will take for a person to fulfill that position. Moreover... more →
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Payroll Administrator Resume

Payroll administrator is an executive person in an organization who oversees all the matters which are related with paying the employees. The key responsibility of a payroll administrator is to prepare a report about the working hours of employees and the issue their paycheck. It might seem very easy but this is not a piece of cake.... more →
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Executive Secretary Resume

Executive secretary works with executives and assists them in smaller tasks to make their workload smoother. Special qualifications and skills are required to join this position and it is necessary to design a well drafted resume in order to apply for the executive secretary post. Executive secretary resume should be designed to... more →
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Human Resources Training Resume

Human resources refer to the population which includes the quantity and quality of people living in the country. The population has dual effect on the economic development of the country. The rapid growth rate of the population is a cause of population explosion which is an important obstacle to the economic development. On other... more →
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Human Resource Specialist Resume

Human resource means human capital of industry. It is assets of the industry in real meaning. The human resource specialists are employed to enhance the human capital within an industry or organization. The human resource specialist is provided office staff with necessary information. He has authority to allot the job vacancy, arrange... more →
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Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume

Proactive human resource means the action taken for the human capital for the future. To make these actions a person is employed that is known as proactive human resource officer. He is responsible for all these pro-activities. Pro-Active Human Resources officer is a Human Resources Consultant and Trainer for the employees of the... more →
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