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This is not some secret that sales department is like the most important department and backbone of a company or organization and that makes it more crucial to only hire the perfect candidates for the sales vacancies in the company. As the sales department is completely different from other departments such as management and accounting, it takes a specialized person to interview and hire new staff in the sales. For this purpose, companies hire sales recruiter who is actually an experienced sales head that knows what it takes to become a salesman.

This explains that the key responsibilities of a sales recruiter includes; looking for the vacant positions in the company’s sales department, coming up with required number of employees for the company, receiving applicants and interviewing the candidates to analyze who is more capable for the job in the company. Additionally, it’s also the responsibility of sales recruiter to enlist job requirements before placing advertisement in local newspaper so that applicants know exactly what the recruiter will be looking for.

Salary of a Sales Recruiter:

The content that we have added above about the sales recruiter makes it clear that it is a very low profile job and usually the companies and organizations don’t hire a separate employee for this job but they ask the head of the sales department to hire the staff according to his requirements. This means that these recruiters don’t get paid with good salary ranges either. Usually the salary of a sales recruiter depends on the location, size and type of a company but in average, a sales recruiter earns around $30000 per year. This is a very basic job that is only suitable for the old age people and women who can’t work on a full time job.                                                              

Here are the guidelines to create a Sales Recruiter Resume:

  • Avoid creating a large resume with useless information. Instead, make it simple and short.
  • If you have worked in a social welfare department and got some performance certificates, attach them with your resume because this tells that you are good with people.
  • Also it’s better to include that if you want to work on commission or on regular salary because this will save your time and eliminate the disappointment of having a failed interview.
  • Don’t use difficult words or phrases which are hard to understand in a glance because you send a resume to get you and interview not to tell that you have excellent writing skills.
  • Only tell about your most recent and career related experiences.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Don’t include too much personal information like height, weight or favorite time pass.
  • Don’t talk about your previous responsibilities. Instead, tell them about your achievements.
  • There is no need to include information about unrelated education or diplomas which have nothing to do with this job.
  • Don’t provide your references unless you are asked to. This gives you extra space in the resume and makes more room for useful information.

Sample Sales Recruiter Resume:

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Sales Recruiter Resume

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HR Recruiter Resume


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HR is a very common and frequent position in organizations and companies these days. In fact, a company can’t be considered complete without HR department. This is the department that decides what will be the job responsibilities of each position in a company and what it will take for a person to fulfill that position. Moreover these staff members also decide the salary ranges for company employees, additional bonuses and incentives, commissions on sales, promotions and demotions in the company.

With the recruitment department in the company, HR department also decides which employees need to be let go and when it’s time to hire new staff for the company. When the job of a HR manager is that tough and high profile, it takes a different recruiter to hire these employees for HR department in a company and we also know them as HR recruiters.

Salary of a HR recruiter:

The salary of a HR recruiter varies in different cultures and businesses. Some organizations pay more to these employees where some pay less.  It generally starts from $55000 in the starting of the career and after some experience, it goes up to $100000-$125000 per year. Countries like England and America pay these recruiters very good salaries with yearly bonuses on excellent performance or using their intuitions at the right time where on the other hand, Asian countries like Pakistan and India doesn’t pay very good salaries to their recruiters because these countries largely use typical business methods which doesn’t always include accounting staff. In fact, there are many organizations and companies in Asia that only hire these recruiters on hourly basis which pays around $10 per hour.

Here are the guidelines to create a HR recruiter resume:

  • Write an objective which shows your creative side and stands you different among other applicants.
  • Put your name and contact information in bold characters at the top of your resume so it will be easy to see and remember.
  • Then add about your education starting from the most recent degree and then going till your college studies.
  • Add about your past experiences in just a single sentence and don’t use dense paragraphs where it will be so difficult to analyze it.
  •  Start from your most recent job and them go on to previous ones.
  • Only add information which is relevant to the job and experiences which are related to the vacancy.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • Stick to one page resume and no matter how much experience you have, don’t send out a resume with more than one page.
  • Don’t use an old objective from a different job application because every job is one of a kind.
  • If you have no experience, leave that space empty but don’t you dare to lie.
  • If you have done a lot of work, it’s better to only list the important ones. Your resume will stay only for 10-15 seconds in the recruiter’s hands so don’t make it too hard to analyze.

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HR Recruiter Resume

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Payroll administrator is an executive person in an organization who oversees all the matters which are related with paying the employees. The key responsibility of a payroll administrator is to prepare a report about the working hours of employees and the issue their paycheck. It might seem very easy but this is not a piece of cake. The administrator has to calculate their working times very carefully so that no one is paid more or less then his duty hours. He also has to deduct the taxes and social withholding amounts from paychecks and add the benefits company is offering such as medical or big city allowance. The payroll administrator is the head of the department and works with a team who oversees the staff’s working inside the company and prepares reports about their duty hours.  Administrator is first point of contact when it comes to duty time, salaries and attendance of the employees.

Typically a payroll administrator is required to perform the following duties such as:

  • He is the first point of contact for the workers when they have an issue related to the calculation of their duty hours or attendance sheet.
  • He maintains the financial records by collecting, calculating and preparing documents.
  • Update the files of employees as there is a change in their paycheck due to change in their hourly rates or increased salary figure.
  • He prepares summary of every employee’s earning and in that report, he lists his basic pay and deductions.
  • He resolves the issues an employee or management is having with payments or finances.
  • He provides payroll information to the administration of the company.
  • He attends all the meetings and conferences when the company wants to change policies and strategies.
  • Unless the person has authority, he doesn’t tell anything to employees or staff members and keeps all the information confidential.

A payroll administrator is the head of the payroll department and he is the one who decide which employee gets how much money. This makes it a very important position as he pays a vital role in allocating the annual budget of the company too. Some companies nominate their financial supervisor on this post and in this way the single person handles responsibilities of two jobs. As the policies and rules are different in every company, it’s not possible to mention the salary of a payroll administrator exactly but generally companies pay this person about $50000 per year in the starting and this goes up to $70000 after two to three years of experience.

Key elements to include in a Payroll Administrator Resume:

  • As you divide the resume into several different parts, start with the personal information section from the top. In this area you enter your basic and contact information such as name, DOB, phone number and mail addresses.
  • People usually write and objective in their payroll administrative resume but you can also use a career summary in which you discuss a little about each and every job you had and the abilities you gained over the past few years.
  • In the employment history part, you provide information about jobs you had but only the related ones with the payroll administration. Put the name of the company, your job title there and duration you spent in each company.
  • In the education section, write about your studies and extra courses you entered in besides the regular study. Start with the most recent degree and go up to graduation. Put institution name, course name and passing year for each degree.
  • Special skills you have such as speaking more than one language, excellent verbal communication ability, data entry skills and knowledge of taxes. This will attract the recruiter and he surely will select you for an interview to see how much of that is true.

Elements not to include in a Payroll Administrator Resume:

  • Don’t mention a single thing that is not related to payroll or administration. Keep the resume short by eliminating the irrelevant details.
  • Keep your resume short and don’t exceed to more than two pages. If you have so much to tell, save some stuff for the interview.
  • Simple resumes look more elegant and professional so stick to a simple format and easy readable font style.
  • There is no need to put a picture on your payroll administrator resume.
  • Although it sounds funny as your job will be to deal with the money and salaries all the time but you can’t discuss your expectation about your salary in the resume.

Sample Payroll Administrator Resume:

Here is preview of this Free Sample Payroll Administrator Resume created using MS Word,

Payroll Administrator Resume

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Executive secretary works with executives and assists them in smaller tasks to make their workload smoother. Special qualifications and skills are required to join this position and it is necessary to design a well drafted resume in order to apply for the executive secretary post. Executive secretary resume should be designed to highlight important qualifications, knowledge and skills to impress potential employer. Executive secretary should be professional, hardworking and eager to help executives. He/she should show professional attitude and work ethic on the first page of the resume. A well designed resume will make it easy for you to get desired response from hiring authorities.

Nature of Job

Objective of an executive secretary is to provide administrative support to employer to increase profitability of the organization and to decrease problems. These are key contact persons of the boss and have crucial position in the office for the smooth running of the business. Executive secretary is responsible to provide updates about the activities of the company. They have to manage budget and answer important phone calls. He/she is responsible to keep all unnecessary persons away from the boss.

What Employer Demands?

Potential employer requires high school graduate for entry level secretarial positions. Different organizations prefer an executive secretary with bachelor’s degree. Business English, mathematical literacy, computer graphics, business accounting, corporate communications and human resource management are some courses that are required to pass for this position. Presentation skills, spreadsheets and word processing should be learnt to get special position in the pool of candidates.

Career Potential

Executive secretary can earn an annual salary of $50,000 but this salary can differ according to the industry and state. In 2008, 4.3 million executive secretaries were appointed in United States. These were employed in different industries including construction companies, trade firms, manufacturing firms, retail businesses and colleges.

Key Elements to Mention in Resume

  • Summary of qualification is important for executive secretary resume because potential employer wants to see something special in your resume in order to take decision in your favor. You have to include some important selling points in your resume and this will increase the importance of your resume among other candidates.
  • You have to feature achievements, rewards, qualifications and accomplishments in bulleted list. Usually, hiring authorities focus on the skills and knowledge of the applicants before calling any candidate for the interview.
  • Details of previous employment are an important part of executive secretary resume because it shows your credibility and authenticity for this job. You have to provide exact title and duties as well as responsibilities under this job. Write name of employer and duration of your employment in clear manner.
  • Executive secretary is liable to work on different computer reports, presentations and important documents. It is important to write your related skills as it is an important aspect of your job. Include your computer skills like MS suites, Adobe suites, HTML coding and CSS programming.
  • Education will be the last section of the executive secretary resume so design this section with complete references like name of degree, name of institute, your majors, duration of degree etc. You can include special diplomas and training courses in this section also.

Common Mistakes While Writing Executive Secretary Resume

  • Executive secretary resume should highlight professional history before educational background because experience is really important for this position.
  • Avoid writing fake skills and qualifications because any bogus detail can cause troubles in near future.

Usually, candidates send resume without proofreading it so it is important for you to remove all logical and grammatical mistakes.

Sample Executive Secretary Resume

Here is preview of this Free Sample Executive Secretary Resume created using MS Word,

Executive Secretary Resume

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Download Executive Secretary Resume

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Human resources refer to the population which includes the quantity and quality of people living in the country. The population has dual effect on the economic development of the country. The rapid growth rate of the population is a cause of population explosion which is an important obstacle to the economic development. On other hand human resource of better quality play an important role in the economic development of the country as an effective determinant.

To produce a better quality of human resource, training is a best way. A person who trains the people to enhance their skills for proposes of increasing the production of a country, is known as Human Resource Trainer. Every businessman tries to appoint high qualified worker to increase the production of his industry. The development of human resources depends upon different factors, like: health facilities, organized education, job training and facilities of technical assistance, expertise and consultants.

The importance of the human capital formation is as under:

  • It increases the marginal efficiency of the capital
  • It increases the industrial growth
  • Innovative
  • It is national investment
  • It will not be wrong to say that quality human resources are productive resources

The human resource training is an effort to run a business in very rapid, productive and progressive way. Human resource trainers are employed by different firms and companies to train the other employees. They guide the workers and use their skills in a best way for company’s benefit and also provide the opportunities to develop their skills. It is a beneficial opportunity for the workers to learn by experienced and expert people.

There are many categories of human capital formation trainer, such as human resource generalist, director of human resource and many others. The responsibilities of human resource trainers vary from business to business. Their responsibilities depend upon the needs of employers.

A human resource trainer must be a high skilled and qualified person. As he has to guide the other employees, he must be a perfect guide. He must possess the effective speaking and writing abilities. He must be a good leader to perform his responsibilities in an organized way. He needs to be a cool minded, positive thinker, responsible and polite person. He should work like a handbook for the workers, while workers need help, he must be there to guide them.

If a person feels that he is qualified for a human resource trainer he must apply for job, he needs to prepare a resume to portrait his abilities, knowledge, and experience history in a very comprehensive way. As resume is a way to receive a call for an interview so, resume must be prepared very accurately and impressively.

Here people are provided with instructions for human resource training resume with useful interview tips. Interview is conducted as a means of estimating the abilities of the interviewee by the employer. It’s a time to reveal all the expertise of candidate. Candidate needs to be very confident and active. A copy of resume should be taken while gong for interview. While preparing resume, it needs to be gone through the following tips:

  • Plan the essential needs of the resume, which are objective, education, experience and reference.
  • A resume should contain all expertise and skills of the candidates
  • Mention about the considerable written and spoken communication skills
  • Describe the leadership abilities
  • Applicant must mention that he can work independently as well as with a team
  • Give a section to the employment history in the resume

Take special care to avoid the following in resume:

  • Attachment of picture with resume
  • Unnecessary details
  • Grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • Fake or baseless information

Her are some professionally designed resume samples. These samples are easy to download and customize, and ready-to-use in accordance with any needs. These samples are in MS Word format and free of cost, so one can take their print very easily. This effort will surely be helpful in preparing any resume. Here is preview of one of such Free Human Resources Training Resume,

Human Resource Training Resume

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Download Human Resources Training Resume

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Human resource means human capital of industry. It is assets of the industry in real meaning. The human resource specialists are employed to enhance the human capital within an industry or organization. The human resource specialist is provided office staff with necessary information. He has authority to allot the job vacancy, arrange the interview, and decide the pay of worker. Actually he is the head of human resource department. He can check out the work of different department of the industry. He also has authority to make or change the different policies of the industry.

He should be a highly qualified and educated person as he controls the environment of the organization as well as plays a role of instructor or staff. He possesses the verbal and written communication skills. He should be a polite and good natured person to create an easy and relaxing environment for workers that they will not hesitate to discuss their problems with him. He must be a regular and punctual. He should know well about the basic programming of human resources. He must have command over the English.

The resume for human resources specialist should be very professional and attractive. The person who is going to apply for this position should be very careful about his resume. Resume must leave a good impression on the employer because employer take decision after seeing resume whether he would arrange an interview or not. Before preparing resume applicant should make list of his skills and other necessary information that has to include in resume.

First of all write the basic information of resume which are job objective, qualification summary, education, skills and reference.  Here are some other very useful and important tips to assist the people who want to prepare a human resource specialist resume. Try to go through the following tips to prepare an impressive resume.

  • First and most important tip is, use good quality of paper do not use fancy paper
  • Objective should clearly indicate the position for which applicant are applying
  • Add the different sections for all information just like add a section of skills and other for qualification, do not mix up the information
  • Mention previous work history clearly in accordance to the past experience
  • Mention verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • Write about the command on English language
  • Do not include fake information
  • Do not slam the previous employment
  • Control on the length of resume, try that resume should not exceed two pages
  • Resume should be clear from any spelling grammatical mistake
  • Do not ask about the salary in the resume
  • Do not mention extra personal information

Here are some very professional resume samples to assist the people. People can download these samples for free. Here is preview of one such sample Human Resource Specialist  Resume,

Human Resource Specialist Resume

After preparing the resume according to above tips and dropping it in an organization for job applicant needs to prepare himself for the interview with best hope. During the interview, interviewee should be very confident and show good manners and reveal all his skills. He should wear a good and decent dress for the interview.

Here is download link for this Human Resource Specialist  Resume,

Download Human Resource Specialist  Resume


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Proactive human resource means the action taken for the human capital for the future. To make these actions a person is employed that is known as proactive human resource officer. He is responsible for all these pro-activities. Pro-Active Human Resources officer is a Human Resources Consultant and Trainer for the employees of the company. He is specialized to help the organization for different Human Resources problems.

He provides training to employees of company at the right time and in the right way. He also interviews the candidates and selects them for different positions. He is responsible for the office and work environment. He provides the proactive support to the organization as needed. He also plays an important role in the business management section. To fulfill his responsibilities he should have significant skills. He must be a good communicator and should have presentation skills. His written and verbal communication skills should be very good. He must be well educated and qualified person to perform his duties efficiently.

Resume for proactive human resource officer should be very professional and attractive. Resume is first impression of the applicant on the employer, so applicant should be very careful about his resume. Here are some very useful and important proactive human resource resume tips. A person who is going to apply for a proactive human resource officer needs to go through the following instructions:

First of all, applicant should write the necessary and basic information of the resume that are:

  • Objective Statement
  • Education
  • Qualification Summary
  • Skills
  • Employment History or Work Experience
  • References

To give an attractive and professional look to the resume the applicant needs to go through the following:

  • Most important thing is to use the good quality of paper, do not use fancy paper
  • Applicant should clearly mention the position for which he is going to apply
  • Clearly mention all the relevant skills in detail
  • Add two separate sections for the employment history and past experience
  • Do not blame the previous employment
  • Do not include fake information
  • Write about the communication skills
  • Add separate and prominent section, don’t mix up the information
  • Do not include any picture with resume
  • Do not ask about the salary in the resume
  • Mention all the achievements in the previous work
  • Do not make any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the resume

Here people are provided with some very professional and well designed proactive human resource resume samples to assist them in the preparation of their own resumes. Here is preview of a one such sample Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume,

Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume

After dropping the resume, applicant needs to prepare himself for the interview. He should prepare a list of questions that are expected by the interviewer and then he should practice for those questions. During interview he should be very confident and self assured.

Here is download link for this Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume,

Download Proactive Human Resource Manager Resume