Insurance Customer Service Resume

Customer care services has the same responsibilities no matter in which company they are hired in. in the same manner, when these employees are hired in insurance companies, they usually serve as the staff who sits on the reception and welcomes the incoming calls and clients. It’s the same workers that answer telephone calls, forward... more →
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Medical Representative Resume

A medical representative usually works in pharmaceutical sales or medical or surgical equipment sales. A medical representative is like a salesman who goes to various hospitals or private clinics, gets to know their needs and requirements and then present the products he is selling. This career doesn’t require you to be a doctor... more →
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Junior Receptionist Resume

A junior receptionist welcomes the incoming visitors and clients who are there for business or just to get some information about the company. This is the first person that the visitors interact with and the receptionist assists them with their queries and problems. The key job of a junior receptionist is to welcome the people, escort... more →
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Front Desk Coordinator Resume

A front desk coordinator is an employee of an office or business who sits on the reception counter and has the first contact with incoming clients and visitors. He or she meets them, assist them to find the person or office they are looking for, answering their queries and providing them written and oral information about the company’s... more →
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Customer Service Manager Resume

Customer service manager works to satisfy needs of customers on various levels from head office to the front end of business. It is important job therefore highly reliable and qualified people are required by potential employers. Customer service manager is responsible for wide array of duties and responsibilities. If you have required... more →
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Call Center Director Resume

A Call Center Director is a person who is responsible for managing the every day operations of a customer service or sales-oriented call center  such as recruitment and scheduling, execution of all workforce management software, and the meeting of sales objectives or quotas. He or she is usually engaged in a fast-paced, loud... more →
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Babysitter Resume

A babysitter is a person who cares for a child on temporary basis on behalf of the child’s parents. The age of babysitters can range from 11 to 19, and even students in their 20s take on babysitting as a part-time job. Although the job of a babysitter depends on the agreed upon terms and conditions, determined by parental permission;... more →
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Entry Level Customer Service Resume

Customer service is very crucial for the success of any company that takes care of customers. He serves as the bridge between customers and the company. The job of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) is to interact with customers in order to provide them information in response to their queries about products and services. He... more →
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